Are you a student in a California community college or other 2-year institution who is interested in learning the computational tools for astrophysical research? Consider applying to be a Lamat student at UC Santa Cruz! This is an 8-week summer program. A stipend and housing are provided. Applications are generally due in December.


I'm always happy to give fun talks to classrooms, and particularly to classrooms that serve populations traditionally withheld from STEM.

Educators are encouraged to contact me at the email address listed here, or use this form.


I have been a teaching assistant (TA) at MIT and Caltech. As an undergraduate TA at MIT, I taught hands-on laboratory demos for Strobe Lab, an undergraduate-level high-speed photography class in the MIT Edgerton Center, a wonderful outreach resource. Students gained technical hands-on experience in activities with a wide variety of unique devices that were originally developed in the historic Edgerton Center to innovatively capture images and measurements of phenomena that happen faster than the blink of an eye.

In addition, as a graduate student, I have served as a TA at Caltech for the following courses. Additional detail can be found on my CV.

Graduate level

Ge 131 - Planetary Structure and Evolution (2018)

Ge/Ay 159 - Astrobiology - (2018)

Ge/Ay 137 - Planetary Physics - (2017)

Undergraduate level

Ge 1 - Intro to Geology & Geochemistry - (2016)

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