List of Peer-Reviewed Publications


Thermodynamically Governed Interior Models of Uranus and Neptune

E. Bailey, D. J. Stevenson. The Planetary Science Journal. Link to article


Paleocene latitude of the Kohistan-Ladakh arc indicates multi-stage India-Eurasia collision

C. R. Martin, O. Jagoutz, R. Upadhyay, L. H. Royden, M. P. Eddy, E. Bailey, Claire I. O. Nichols, B. P. Weiss. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Link to Article


The hot Jupiter period-mass distribution as a signature of in situ formation

E. Bailey, K. Batygin, The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Link to Article

Feasibility of a Resonance-based Planet Nine Search
E. Bailey, M. E. Brown, K. Batygin, The Astronomical Journal. Link to Article


Global drainage patterns and the origins of topographic relief on Earth, Mars, and Titan

B. A. Black, J. T. Perron, D. Hemingway, E. Bailey, F. Nimmo, H. Zebker. Science. Link to Article


Solar Obliquity Induced by Planet Nine

E. Bailey, K. Batygin, M. E. Brown, The Astronomical Journal. Link to Article

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