Brush Salesman #6

"I was in a coed boarding school or college by the edge of the sea. Many of the classes were outside. I remember one in which about 50 of us were all on one big rock next to the water. I cannot remember the subject of the class, however. We had some classes inside also. In one, I remember I had an assignment to deliver a short talk on the value of the education I was getting at the school and how it differed from other schools. I did a very poor job preparing, but I was sure I would not be called. As it turned out the professor (female) stopped just one person before me. For this class we were in a large room somewhat like a cafeteria. In the corner I was sitting in there were some strange foods which had just been brought in for dinner. I remember one was mastodon meat. After that class we had one outside on the rocks. I left early and did not clean up the things I was working with but someone else did it for me. After this I remember being tired and wanting to lie down on one of the ceremonial couches but I didn't. Two girls were lying on these, however."

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The first character is the group of 50 students from the coed school. Since they are students, the O identification is used. The next character is the female professor who is also coded as O. The person with whom the teacher stopped was treated as a character because it was a specific person called upon by the professor rather than a generic character. The sex of the student was not specified, and an I code is therefore indicated. Another indefinite sexed individual appears when the dreamer mentions that someone else cleaned up the things that the dreamer was working with. This character was coded as U because there is a possibility that it may have been some sort of janitor or custodial person who cleaned up the dreamer's things rather than another student. The final character consists of the two girls lying on the couches who are not further identified. Since there is a possibility that this may have been a setting apart from the college, no great confidence could be placed in assuming that these girls were students, and they were therefore also coded as possessing uncertain identity.

One social interaction occurred in this dream. An F4 was coded for the person who performed a helping act in cleaning up the dreamer's things. There are only two scorable activities and these develop from this same situation. The first involves an M code for the dreamer when he left class and the other a P for the person who cleaned up. An M code was given rather than an L for the dreamer leaving because it seems implausible that he could have arrived outside on the rocks in any way except through a physical movement on his part.

The first setting was an outdoor one where the class was held on a big rock next to the water. The next setting is an indoor one which took place in the cafeteria-like room. Following that, the next setting occurs outdoors on the rocks. There is a possibility that another setting may have been involved when the dreamer mentions that he wanted to lie on one of the ceremonial couches. These were probably not located outside on the rocks, but since it is not clear that a definite change in locale was involved, no further settings were coded. All three of these settings were coded as being unfamiliar since the school was not named nor was the region identified, and the dreamer himself seems somewhat confused by the appearance of the cafeteria-like room.

In the Object column for dream 6, the AV code was given for the college. Two NA codes were entered; one for the sea and one for the big rock. Water was not coded as NA because it was already included in the coding for sea. School was not coded because this refers to the previously coded college, and the other schools referred to were not coded because the term is used in a generic sense. The question as to how to code the large room in which the class took place poses a problem. It appears to be a classroom, but it also appears to be a cafeteria where one can have dinner. Since more emphasis was given to the cafeteria aspects in terms of mentioning the foods, dinner, and mastodon meat, it was coded as AE. Two FO codes were given, one for the strange foods and the other for the mastodon meat. Another NA code was given for the rocks where the class took place, and the HH coding represented the ceremonial couches.

A failure was attributed to the dreamer because he acknowledged that he did a very poor job in preparing for his classroom assignment. The dreamer, however, did not have to face up to the failure because he was "lucky" and saved by not being called on. A consequence of good fortune was therefore included as part of the overall coding for this situation. Since this latter coding represents an additional type of code, a primary GF code must also be listed in the good fortune column. Any consequence code must also appear as a primary coding in some other column.

For modifiers, an S+ was given for the "big" rock but an S- was not given for the short talk, since short refers to temporal duration and not to physical length. An E- code was given for the poor job of preparing, and an I+ was also included because it was described as a very poor job. This lack of preparation is socially inappropriate, thereby qualifying for a "moral" type of evaluation. An S+ was included for the description of the cafeteria-like classroom as being large.

No temporal reference was coded because the dreamer did not refer to any specific unit of time nor attempt to date any event. His mention of leaving class early would therefore not qualify for a temporal code. Four negative codes were given. These were for mentioning that the dreamer "cannot" remember the subject, being sure he would "not" be called, "not" cleaning up the things, and he "didn't" lie down on one of the couches.

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