Brush Salesman #5

"The first part of this dream I can remember was about grade school children voting on some issue. They were using red ballots so that collection would be easier. It seems that the ballots were left by the doors of their houses. While this was going on, I was talking with a street sweeper. He was quite well informed and had run for several offices. The last one he ran for had something to do with assisting the town manager. He said he had really done a job at cleaning out the corruptions in the offices then. (This man was a gas station attendant and school bus driver in my home town.)"

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The grade school children were coded as J because there is no reason to believe that they do not consist of both male and female children. These children were coded as possessing uncertain identity, because although they were identified as grade school children, they were not identified as pupils. Had they been identified as pupils, the coding would have been O. Since all children of grade school age are coded as C, this presents no coding problem. The next two characters are both single male adult characters, and it is evident from the dreamer's remarks in parentheses that one of them was personally known to him. However, it is not clear whether it was the street sweeper or the town manager. It seems somewhat more probable that he is referring to the street sweeper, since the dreamer does describe some interaction with him but not with the town manager. The street sweeper was therefore given a K coding and the town manager an O coding.

The only scorable activity in this report is the mutual verbal interaction between the dreamer and the street sweeper. Although voting and ballots being used were mentioned, it is not clear if the children were actually voting during the dream or just planning to do so. The reference to "this going on" was ambiguous as to whether it refers to the voting or the ballots being left. With regard to the ballots which were being left, no information is provided as to what characters were engaged in this activity, so it is therefore uncodeable. The reference to cleaning out the corruptions is also too vague about what activities were involved to be coded.

The setting for this dream is very ambiguous, and although it seems as if the dreamer were probably out of doors on some street, this would be making too much of an inference. The fuzziness of the locale description for this setting is best handled by coding it as AQ.

A code for success was given for "really having done a job of cleaning out the corruptions." Exactly who cleaned them out, the street sweeper or the town manager, is uncertain but it seems as if it were the street sweeper.

Just three objects were coded in Dream 5: the ballots (CM), the doors (AD), and the houses (AR). The mention of offices was not coded because it does not refer to rooms in a building but to political positions.

The only scorable modifier was a C+ for the red ballots. No intensity codes were given for "quite" and "really" because these words represent an indeterminate amount of intensity.

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