Brush Salesman #7

"I cannot remember the beginning of this dream, but in the first part I can recall I was back in the country in Michigan talking with two girls. One was unattractive and the other was fairly nice-looking. I began to get friendly with this one, but not too enthusiastically. She took my display of affection to mean more than I had intended and started trying to get me aroused by pushing her breasts into me. At this point the thought came to my mind that her mother had taught her to do this to enable her to get a boy to marry her. However, I wasn't too concerned with this as I was rather enjoying her. Then we stopped because another girl, a very cute one, came on the scene. I liked her at once and knew that she was a girl I could love. I went over and talked with her for a while and soon was kissing her as the other two girls and the mother looked on sadly. She was great and I remember I wished I could have dreamed more about her or remembered more about her when I woke up."

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Four female characters are involved in this dream. They are an unattractive girl and a fairly nice-looking one with whom the dreamer was initially talking, the mother of one of these girls, and the cute girl who later arrived on the scene. Since these girls were never referred to by name and there is nothing in the dream report to indicate that the dreamer had ever met them before, all four characters were coded as strangers.

A large number of social interactions takes place and it is exceedingly difficult to disentangle them and assign them to their appropriate classes. An A3 code was given to the dreamer because he appeared to be rejecting the one girl whom he was initially with, since he left her when the cute girl appeared on the scene. This was also apparently perceived as a rejection by the other characters, because the dreamer describes them as looking on sadly. The dreamer says that he began to get friendly with the nice-looking girl. His words were taken at face value and therefore an F5 was assigned for taking the initiative in visiting or dating another character. From later remarks that the dreamer makes, it is quite probable that he was actually making sexual overtures to this girl since he elicited a sexual response from her, but this was thought to be too great an inferential jump and the dreamer's own words about getting friendly were therefore accepted. The dreamer was also credited with verbal friendliness (F2) for talking to the cute girl, but once again it is probable that he was making some sort of overtures to this girl because soon afterward he was kissing her. However, since a sexual response may unexpectedly follow an initial friendly response, it was decided to preserve his talking with this girl as a separate friendly act. The dreamer was also credited with a covert feeling of friendliness (F1) toward this same girl when he says that she was great and he wished he could have dreamed about her more. Under the sexual interactions, an S4 code was given to the first girl for taking the initiative in trying to arouse the dreamer through pushing her breasts into him. The dreamer is also credited with an S3 code for kissing the second girl.

The first activity which occurs is a mutual verbal activity between the dreamer and the two girls. No code was given for the dreamer becoming friendly since it was not specified how this was accomplished. The girl received a P for pushing her breasts into the dreamer. The C code was for the thinking that the dreamer engaged in concerning the mother and the intentions that the girl had toward him. The cute girl who came on the scene received an L code since it was not specified how she arrived. An M was coded for the dreamer going over to her since this seems to have been effected by his walking over. The dreamer then engages in a mutual verbal interaction with this girl, followed by a P for the dreamer kissing her. The final activity is a seeing one which is engaged in by the two girls and the mother.

Only one overall setting is involved in this dream. It is coded as ambiguous because it is unclear whether the activities are taking place outdoors or indoors. When the dreamer says that he was back in the country, this would suggest an outdoor setting was involved, but it is also possible that some sort of shack or cabin may have been the setting for the dream. The setting is coded as a geographical one because it is identified as taking place in Michigan and the dreamer does not indicate any greater degree of familiarity with the locale.

Only two objects were coded in this dream. The first was an RG code for mention of Michigan and the other a BS code for breasts. The reference to "in the country" is too indefinite to warrant coding as a region.

In contrast to most of the other reports, some emotions are mentioned in this dream. The AP was coded for the dreamer mentioning he "wasn't too concerned." Since intensity is not a prerequisite for an emotion to be coded, not being too concerned is coded as readily as being very concerned. The HA was coded for the dreamer "rather enjoying" the girl. The two girls' and the mother's emotions as they looked on the kissing scene constituted the SA code, since they were so described by the dreamer.

Several aesthetic modifiers are contained in this report. The first one, an E-, was for the description of one of the girls as unattractive; the other girl who was fairly nice-looking was represented by an E+. An I- code was given for the mention of not too enthusiastic, since what is conveyed by this expression was that the dreamer was only slightly or minimally enthusiastic. The same rationale holds for the description of not being too concerned, so this was also coded I-. The mention in the same sentence of "rather enjoying" is ambiguous as to whether he was slightly or greatly enjoying this experience and so was not coded as an intensity modifier. The two E+'s were coded for labeling the girl as cute and being great. Since the girl was described as very cute, an I+ code is also indicated.

A temporal reference occurs in connection with talking to the cute girl "for a while." The first of the four negative codes appears in the first sentence when the dreamer mentions that he "cannot" remember the beginning of the dream. It will be recalled that the negative scale is the only scale wherein general comments about the dream are also coded. The next N code was for the "unattractive" girl. The remaining two N codes are for "not" too enthusiastically and "wasn't" too concerned.

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