UC Santa CruzSustainability Conference 2005

UC Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1077
Email: susconf@ucsc.edu Phone: 831-459-5794




“We did not inherit the earth from our parents; we are merely borrowing it from our children.” – Ancient Proverb

Human beings have been consuming planetary resources at an alarming rate and negatively impacting the environment in global dimensions. There is a growing awareness that people must join together, working collaboratively to create solutions, generate alternatives, and change habits. We must move forward, as community, with increased stewardship and responsibility for the legacy we will leave to future generations.

In California, our public universities and community colleges touch the lives of more than 2,500,000 students, staff and faculty annually. These communities, therefore, offer unique possibilities for altering our approach to building construction and alteration, energy and water consumption, food services, waste reduction, curriculum development, transportation, social equity, and environmental management. The challenge before us is how we use these opportunities.

Join us as we explore together the myriad aspects of “BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS COMMUNITY.” On June 20 and 21, 2005, UC Santa Cruz proudly hosts the 4th annual sustainability conference, with pre- and post- conference field trips and workshops on June 19th and 22nd. Campus planners, facilities and project managers, and other university staff will come away from the conference with concrete tools and knowledge for incorporating sustainability practices in their jobs.

At this conference, you can:

  • Learn about exciting projects and new technologies
  • Acknowledge and celebrate best practices that you can take back to your campuses and institutions
  • Share with others in discussion groups, open forums and informal gatherings
  • Be inspired by the leadership and accomplishments of students from all our schools
  • Experience exhibits from vendors and organizations that are leading the way with sustainable products and practices
  • Explore UCSC’s unique contributions to sustainability education: The Farm, the Arboretum, and Long Marine Lab Seymour Center
  • Enjoy 2000 acres of redwood forests, open meadows and magnificent ocean views in campus walking tours
  • Relax with yoga and tai chi, and enjoy fabulous organic food