PAPOC 2016 Program

Proceedings of PaPoC 2016 at ACM DL.




Keynote: Alan Fekete (University of Sidney) (50 min)

Consumer-view of consistency properties: definition, measurement, and exploitation


A scalable and fault-tolerant data storage layer is extremely useful when constructing scalable fault-tolerant application software. The application developer is a consumer of a service provided by the storage layer, and the interface between these parties needs to be precise. This talk reflects on several bodies of research that relate to understanding the implications for the consumer, of the consistency aspects of that interface.  We cover in turn how consistency properties can be defined, how the consumer can measure consistency, and how to reason about applications when they must run over storage with consistency that is weaker-than-ideal.


Session 1: Verification (40 min)


Paolo Viotti, Christopher Meiklejohn and Marko Vukolić. Towards Property-Based Consistency Verification


Mahsa Najafzadeh, Alexey Gotsman, Hongseok Yang, Carla Ferreira and Marc Shapiro. The CISE Tool: Proving Weakly-Consistent Applications Correct





Session 2: Database Consistency Models (1:20hs)


Tim Coppieters, Wolfgang De Meuter and Sebastian Burckhardt. Serializable Eventual Consistency


Andrea Cerone and Alexey Gotsman. Analysing Snapshot Isolation


Alejandro Z. Tomsic, Tyler Crain and Marc Shapiro. PhysiCS: efficient consistent snapshots for scalable snapshot isolation


Russell Brown, Zeeshan Lakhani and Paul Place. Big(ger) Sets: decomposed delta CRDT Sets in Riak





Session 3: New Abstractions (1:20hs)


Scott Fritchie. Coordinating distributed system configuration changes with Humming Consensus


Valter Balegas, Nuno Preguiça, Sérgio Duarte, Carla Ferreira and Rodrigo Rodrigues. Making Weak Consistency Great Again


Tobias Herb, Tim Jungnickel and Christoph Alt. Weak Consistency and Stochastic Environments


Marek Zawirski, Carlos Baquero, Annette Bieniusa, Nuno Preguiça and Marc Shapiro. Eventually Consistent Register Revisited





Session 4: CRDTs (1h:40hs)


Carlos Baquero, Paulo Sérgio Almeida and Carl Lerche. The problem with embedded CRDT counters and a solution


Christian Weilbach, Konrad Kühne and Annette Bieniusa. Decoupling conflict resolution with CDVCS


Albert van der Linde, João Leitão and Nuno Preguiça. Δ-CRDTs: Making δ-CRDTs Delta-Based


Deepthi Devaki Akkoorath and Annette Bieniusa. Highly-scalable Concurrent Objects