Dreams in which fri. occurs19138%21142%
Total friendliness249100%308100%
Dreamer-involved friendliness22490%25884%
Witnessed friendliness2510%5016%
Dreamer as befriender10246%10641%
Dreamer as recipient10145%11946%
Dreamer as reciprocal603%301%
Dreamer mutual1507%1004%
Dreamer self-friendliness000%000%
F/C index.21.22

Note: We are aware that the numbers in the "female" column do not add up properly. The original Hall/Van de Castle manuscript had incorrect numbers as well, and it is impossible to ascertain the true figures because a number of the dream reports are missing. Basically, though, we can deduce that if we could examine the raw data again, we'd find that the "befriender," "befriended," "reciprocal," and "mutual" figures would gain a little bit. Fortunately, the missing data doesn't significantly change our key indicators of Befriender Percent or Dreamer-Involved Friendliness Percent.

Subclasses of Friendliness

7. Marriage1104%2307%
6. Physical2309%2508%
5. Inviting, dating1908%4715%
4. Helping, protecting10642%9932%
3. Gift, loan2711%3210%
2. Verbal5020%5919%
1. Covert1406%2307%
Total Friendliness250100%308100%

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