Dreams in which aggression occurs23547%22244%
Total aggressions402100%337100%
Dreamer-involved aggression32380%27281%
Witnessed aggression7920%6519%
Dreamer as aggressor10031%7628%
Dreamer as victim15448%15557%
Dreamer as reciprocal4313%2710%
Dreamer mutual1505%1004%
Dreamer self-aggression1204%401%
A/C index.34.24

Subclasses of Aggression

8. Murder2406%702%
7. Attack8922%4915%
6. Chasing/confining6215%4313%
5. Destruction2606%1504%
4. Serious threat1905%1504%
3. Rejection7118%12236%
2. Verbal7017%5015%
1. Covert4110%3611%
Total 5-8 (Physical)20150%11434%
Total 1-4 (Non-physical)20150%22366%
Total Aggressions402100%337100%
Note: The percentages in this table were computed by dividing each frequency within a column by the total number of aggressions in that column. The frequency of "physical" aggressions was obtained by summing the frequencies for sublasses 5-8 and that for "non-physical" aggressions by adding up subclasses 1-4.

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