The Women of Color Film and Video Festival

The Color of Violence - 2000
Produced in Collaboration with the Conference on Violence Against Women of Color.
The Women of Color Film and Video Festival seeks submissions for our eighth annual festival to take place on May 5 and 6, 2000. We welcome filmic and viodeographic works by women of color which counter the violence against us by documenting its destructive effects and envisioning alternatives worlds to the one in which we live....
Sovereign Images - 1998
Films and videos featured in this year's festival foreground the role of independent film and video by women of color in dismantling colonial imaginaries and recovering histories of resistance.
About the festival
The UCSC Women of Color Film and Video Festival, now in its seventh year, has established itself as a significant event for independent exhibition and dialogue...
Founder's Statement
Festival founder Margaret Daniel reflects back on the festival (1996)
The Women of Color Film Festival was founded in 1992 by cluster member Margaret Daniel. You can view the 1992 festival program.
The 1993 Women of Color Film and Video Festival was dedicated to the Life and Work of Audre Lorde. The festival was expanded with media arts personnel and filmmakers. Programmed by Margaret Daniel.
New Voices/New Generations
1994 was the first year the festival held independent call for submissions. Programmed by Margaret Daniel
Out of Bounds/Subversive Geographies
In 1995 six members of the Women of Color Research Cluster planned and programmed the new festival collectively.
the 1996 festival program focused on the Rupture of identities. Produced by a coordinating committee of six members of the Women of Color Research Cluster, the festival incoporated a workshop on Visualizing Theory and Pedagogical Practices for Women of Color.
The 1997 festival was produced with the input and energies of the general membership of the Women of Color Research Cluster. The program for the 1997 festival is being renovated, as several pages are combined. When complete, hypertext links will allow guests to move between the program, film synopses, artists' statements, and distributor information.
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