LifeMap 4.0.2 NEW VERSION!!!!!

LifeMap Lite 1.0

LifeMap with Proposition Database, Virtual Canyon Activities, and User Manual Addendum

LifeMap is a full featured concept mapping program for the Macintosh. LifeMap 4.0.2 is the current release. LifeMap Lite 1.0 is a beta release which implements some speed improvements to 3.8g.

NEW FEATURE in The new version can export concept maps directly to the JPEG format. It can also generate image map scripts (.map files) suitable for use on UNIX servers, as well as generating MacPERL .cgi scripts for Macintosh servers.

NEW FEATURE in The new version can generate multiple Proposition Databases. The database can then be used to generate concept maps based on all propositions in the database, or concepts based on propositions which meet critieria you specify.

NEW FEATURE in The new version contains several activities for teachers and students in the Virtual Canyon project.

NEW FEATURE in MultiConceptMaker can create both concepts and linkwords at the same time, based upon the case of the first letter of the concept. Link creation features can now be destination border sensitive, which means that if the destination concept has a box, the link line will use an arrowhead, but won't if there is not a box. LifeMap supports Quicktime movies embedded into concept maps. There are other features you will just have to download LifeMap to find out about.

NEW FEATURE in The bug in the Concept and Link Report feature has been fixed. You can now create concept maps based upon advanced boolean searches of a proposition database.

Version 4.0.2 includes cross compatibility with FootNotes, and fixes a couple of minor bugs. LifeMap now is available in a web based version. The current version of the web version has a usable subset of LifeMap 4.0.2's features, but is a true multi-user program (i.e. more than one user at different locations can work on the same map), and can be used on Windows (via the web). Send a message to if you would like to arrange a demo of the web version.

CMAP Version 1 & 2 with User Manual (CMAP1-2-UserManual.sit)

CMAP is a basic concept mapping program for the Macintosh. It requires less memory than LifeMap, but CMAP sometimes crashes. If you do use CMAP, save two copies of your documents every time you save, just to be safe.

TabbyCat 1.0

TabbyCat is a table conversion utility. It takes the space separated tables produced by various statistical analysis programs and converts them into tab delimited tables so that you can easily format and manipulate your data.

Common Ground MiniViewer - Macintosh

Common Ground MiniViewer - Windows

A Common Ground Viewer is needed to view the articles in the Third Misconceptions Proceedings and some of the other publications in our collection. These MiniViewers are free. You can also purchase a Full Viewer with more features for either Mac or Windows as part of our CD-ROM or separately.

Link to StuffIt Expander (version 4.0)

To decompress compressed files located on this server, you need StuffIt Expander version 4.0. Just in case your version is out of date, we have provided a link to Aladdin Systems web site.

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