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Projected Grade-Point Average (GPA) Calculator

Use this calculator to project what your GPA may be at the end of this term.
If you are repeating classes in which you previously earned a grade lower than C (2.0), this calculator will not work see - your college adviser.


1. Go to my.ucsc.edu (My Student Center).
From the pulldown menu, select Grades.
Click Go.

2. Select the latest available term and click on "Continue."

3. In the Term Statistics table, find your Total Cumulative Grade Points, and your Total Cumulative Attempted Units Toward GPA.


Enter this information below. If both areas are empty, enter 0 in both boxes.:

4. Enter information for the classes you’re currently enrolled in (exclude any Pass/No Pass classes), and the grades you anticipate earning:

Units Grade Grade Points

5. If you need to add more classes, choose "Add Class." Otherwise, choose "Submit" to project your GPA.

What is a Grade Point Balance?

* Note: UCSC GPA is truncated (not rounded) at the hundredths. A GPA of 3.669 will be calculated at the University as a 3.66.