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Past Retreat Themes and Keynote Speakers

2006—The First Twenty Years: Celebrating the Past, Preparing for the Future
Ana Ventura Phares
Mayor of Watsonville, California

2005—Adapting To Change: Juggling Tradition & Innovation
Chancellor Denise Denton
Chancellor of Univeristy of California Santa Cruz, 2005 to present

2004—Building Bridges/Making Connections
Dana Frank "The Secret Politics of Housework"
Professor of American Studies

2003—Thriving in a Changing Workplace
Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood “Resilience and Why It Matters”
Chancellor of Univeristy of California Santa Cruz, 1996 to 2005

2002—Creation and Recreation: Bringing your Whole Self to Work
Akasha Gloria Hull "Swooning Creativity: Sparking the Joy and the Power Within"
Professor Emerita of Women's Studies

2001—A Work Odyssey: Exploring Community
Bettina Aptheker “Feminist Improvisations: Building Community”
Professor of Women’s Studies/Chair, Women’s Studies Department/
2000 Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teacher

2000—Coming Together in the New Millennium: Work-Life Balance
Marge Frantz
Professor Emeritus, History, American Studies, Women’s Studies/Founder, Women’s Action Coalition, Santa Cruz

1999—Wellness at Work
Monica Bascio “Back to Work: Overcoming Physical, Personal, and Social Barriers”
Occupational Therapist/U.S. Disabled Cycling Team Member/Silver Medalist 1998 USDC Championships

1998—UCSC Community of Women: At Work and Home
Deborah Turner “The Power of Community”
Multicultural Outreach Librarian/Writer/Poet

1997—Building Connections
Barb Acosta
Ph.D graduate in Organic Analytical Chemistry/Vice President, Cadence, Marketing Division/Marathon Runner/Mother

1996—The Next Ten Years (10th Annual Retreat)
Bettina Aptheker “Moving into Wholeness, Women & Healing
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies/Writer

1995—Working Healthy
Panel: “Working Healthy”
Vickie Boriack (Mountaineer/Breast Cancer Survivor)
Vege Clerisse (Assistant, Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office/Breast Cancer Survivor)
Jaquelyn Marie (Reference Librarian/Writer/Breast Cancer Survivor)

1994—Thriving Through Teamwork
Panel: “Thriving Through Teamwork”
Sharon Cohen-Barry (Staff Development and Training)
Valerie Chase (McHenry Library)
Wendy Duggan (Social Sciences Division)
Karsen Jones (Purchasing)
Linda Kittle (Business and Administrative Services)
Valerie Simmons (Affirmative Action)

Panel: “Parallel Paths: How We Grew our Businesses”
June Coha (Facilities Assistant, Natural Sciences/Stained Glass Artist)
Coleen Douglas (Administrative Assistant/Musician)
Pat Hairston (Payroll Personnel Rep., Chancellors Office/Certified Massage Practitioner)
Yi-Yen Hayford (Cataloger/Travel Agent)
Valerie Wells (Word Processor/Desk Top Publisher)

1992—Enterprising Women
Bettina Aptheker
Associate Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies

1991—Managing Change
Linda Abbott, Ph.D
President, Abbott & Associates

1990—Moving Forward Together: Achieving Personal and Professional Excellence in the 1990’s
Panel: “The Future and You: Valuing Diversity”
Sally Fairfax (Professor of Resources, Law and Policy, Forestry Dept. UCB)
Stephanie Hauk (Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Community Relations)
Vivian Sykes (Multicultural Services/Reference Librarian)
Deborah Murphy (Reference Librarian and Coordinator of Online Services)
Valerie Simmons (Assistant Professor in Psychology)

1989—Celebrating our Diversity
Panel: “Celebrating our Diversity”
Barbara Bedford (Director, Student Employment Services)
Katia Panas (Counseling Psychologist, Porter College)
Mary Joan Rodriguez (Student Records Coordinator, Oakes College)
Patt Takeuchi (Business Manager, Computing & Telecommunication Services)
Jan Tepper (Police Lieutenant, University Police)
Peggy Tippet (Receptionist, SAA/EOP)

1988—Time to Rejuvenate
Lucille Clifton
Professor of Creative Writing and American Literature

1987—Women at Work
Bettina Aptheker
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies


Women at Work Retreat, University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064 2006

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