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2002 Women at Work Retreat
Creation Through Recreation: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Workshop Schedule

**Disclaimer - this is roughly the same text as will appear in the program, however, there might be typos and slightly different workshop times. Please use the actual program to actually schedule your workshops. We did not have time to convert the edited program text to this web page.
Thursday, May 16th

Cracking Tile, Garden Style Part 1- Gayle Larsen
We will break plates, tile and even glass to create beautiful projects for the home and garden. You will learn to design, attach the materials and grout your own stepping-stone.


Living Tao Taiji, Return to Nature Part 1- April Burns
Stir the clouds above you. Unleash your creative fire and yield to the watercourse way. Branch out and catch the wind. Dive deep for the gold inside and release into the life-giving earth below. Taijii is the joyful practice of "wu wei" of effortless action. Through Taijii, we open ourselves to the life force that calms the body, clears the mind and opens the heart.

Using a Job for Personal Empowerment - Frank Andrews
You will gain a nuts-and-bolts way of using your job for personal empowerment. Bring a willingness to gain knowledge and wisdom and you will walk away with a new awareness and greater appreciation of yourself and your ability to change the quality of your life.

Keeping Nutrition and Good Taste in Our Busy World - Ricki Carr
Ricki will provide cooking demonstrations with a hands-on approach. Learn techniques, get great recipes and other information showing how to make quick, easy healthy food that tastes delicious and makes you feel great!!


Cracking Tile, Garden Style Part 1- Gayle Larsen (Repeat of the 2:30 class)
We will break plates, tile and even glass to create beautiful projects for the home and garden. You will learn to design, attach the materials and grout your own stepping-stone.

Haiku in the Garden -Deborah Turner
Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that has been recreated many times over since it was created (way back when). It's a powerful way to connect writing and nature. Come find out why its popularity has spread around the globe. Haiku is one way to bring your whole self to paper by expressing much and suggesting more with the fewest possible words.


To the "Manners" Born! - Cheryl Dandridge
Partake of an afternoon tea during which we shall address today's dining etiquette, touch upon business and disability etiquette and mull over the general need for civility inside and outside the home.

Oral Presentations - Corinne Miller
Did you know some people fear public speaking more than death? Would you like to feel more comfortable presenting a class project, offering a social toast, or giving a speech? Learn concrete oral presentations skills, tips on organizing your message, and an opportunity to increase your skills and comfort level related to public speaking.

Japanese flower arranging - Kiyomi Inouye
You will arrange flowers according to their artistic sensibility. A brief demonstration of Asian flower arrangement principles will be presented. The emphasis will be on individual creativity!!


How to Make Relaxing Eye Pillow - Nancy Aebersold
Nancy will be teaching how to make relaxing aromatherapy eye pillows. You will complete your own eye pillow crafted from a sumptuous selection of fabrics, flax seeds and aromatic herbs. Come to work more rested and refreshed after enjoying your new eye pillow!

Friday, May 17th

Living Tao Taiji, Return to Nature Part 2 - April Burns

Wake up and Ride! - Connie Croker and Kim Hughes
Join Kim and Connie for a ride to the sleepy little town of San Juan Bautista. Enjoy early morning sunshine and tree-lined country roads on this easy to moderate ride to town for coffee and pastries. We will return in time to grab some breakfast before the kitchen closes at 9:00 am.


Financial Self-Management Panel Financial Planning Basics - Barbara Brogan
Learn practical financial planning ideas and tips you can use to secure your financial future.

A Retirement and Savings Overview - Patricia Virgadamo
Get a better understanding of how UC's retirement system works and what your options are for additional retirement savings. Take control of your financial outlook!

Finding the Money to Save: The Art of Tightwaddery - Dana Blumrosen
Fun and creative ideas that will help you find and save money without starving, skimping or doing without. You'll come away from this workshop with the key to start your own frugal engine. Vroom!

Silence the Voice of Doubt - Patti Hiramoto (Kristine)
Do you feel that the more you succeed in your career, the more you feel like you're an impostor? Do you harbor feelings that you're fooling people with your abilities and secretly fear that you'll be "found out" to be incompetent? Do you hold back on taking on new responsibilities or approach work tasks with dread because of these fears? If so, chances are you suffer from The Imposter Syndrome. Find out why women go through their lives waiting to be discovered as incompetent and how to silence the performance doubt that can keep us in fear.

What Keeps Us From Bringing Our Whole Self to Work - Pat Clark
Participants will have many opportunities to learn from each other as we begin to examine the information and misinformation we have about each other and ourselves. It is this information that can, or perhaps has, locked us in and kept others out resulting in our isolation.

Cracking Tile, Garden Style Part 2 - Gayle Larsen


De-mystifying the Home-Buying Process - Dee Vogel & Karen Cogswell
Thought you could never own a home? Think again! We'll explore alternative ways to attain home ownership.

Laugh Therapy with Improv - Glenda Dixon
Our goal is to laugh more about the little things at work and in your everyday life. Learn about "status ladders", team building, communication and having more fun in the work place. See how laughing more and being imaginative creates balance in your life.

Sweets to Sooth the Soul - Catherine Sy
In this class, you will learn to make a delightful assortment of sweets including: Dark Chocolate Cardamom Truffles rolled Toasted Almond (Vegan), White Chocolate Lemon Verbena Truffles rolled in Coconut and Pistachio Milk Fudge with Rose and Saffron decorated with edible silver leaf. Great for gifts and special occasions!


Managing Your Time & Priorities - Elaine Fukuhara Schilling
Learn tips for aligning your values and priorities, identifying and managing your internal traps that can work against your best efforts, reducing distractions and time robbers, and reducing stress caused by trying to balance all of your roles.

Desktop Feng Shui - Eleanor Caroline
We will look at how offices are created and maintained for maximum success and a well-being through the use of a Feng Shui bagua or map of energy and personal goals.

Aromatherapy Self Care - Teri Zane-Ulman
Use the power of essential oils to make your own aura-sprays, bath salts and foot baths for nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

Propagation for Beginners or How to Create Plants for FREE - Arjuna Perry and April Dalton
Come get your hands DIRTY! Learn to fill your garden with beautiful perennials without spending a penny! April and Arjuna will provide hands-on instruction in basic propagation by dividing, separating, cuttings and seed. We will also provide information and answer questions on small-scale garden design for the busy staff woman. You will not leave empty handed, we will send you home with a plant to nurture into your garden

Women at Work Retreat, University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064 2006

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