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Got ideas of your own? Join the W@W Steering Committee and help shape the next retreat!

The Steering Committee holds lunchtime meetings between October and April and consists of the following Sub-Committees, who may also meet separately according to their needs. This is a great way to meet other staff, build your skills, and use your creativity. As a bonus, serving on the Steering Committee also guarantees you a spot at the retreat. For more information, email the 2011 Committee Chairs.

If you are unable to serve on a committee but would like to help with fundraising, please consider selling Sees Candy Bars in your unit! Contact the Fundraising Chair for more information.

Committees You Can Join

Draft application for the retreat and the confirmation letter to participants, acquire mailing labels for eligible staff, set up lottery and waiting list, make room assignments, create name tags and coordinate check-in of participants at the retreat.

Create a comfortable environment at the retreat and make sure participants can find their way around. Organize food and beverages for the opening ceremonies, social hour, and dessert potluck. Organize icebreakers and solicit donations of door prizes for the closing ceremonies.

Set up workshops in accordance with the theme of the retreat. Contact presenters, gather bios and workshop descriptions, and organize sign-up. Ensure that spaces and materials are available and adequate for presenter's needs.

Fundraising/Candy Sales
Order and facilitate distribution of See's Candy. Collect money from sales. Oversee other fundraising activities.

Create or solicit designs for the retreat logo. Assist eligibility committee in formatting documents that go out to participants. Design retreat program, inputting information about workshops, presenters, and participants. Update website.


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