Calling Filmmakers, Videographers, Artists and Performers for submissions to

The 13th Annual Women of Color Film and Video Festival

Sat-Sun, August 5-6, 2006
University of California, Santa Cruz

Porter College
Cost Free



The Santa Cruz Women of Color Film and Video Festival is now accepting submissions for its 13th annual festival to be held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, August 5-6, 2006.

As the longest running event of its kind, the UCSC Women of Color Film and Video Festival has sparked dialogue across communities locally, nationally, and trans-nationally by providing a platform for critical explorations of race, nation, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. It has become a much-anticipated and acclaimed event for its commitment to visual expression, scholarship, and activism.

To date we have shown close to 300 films by women of color as well as hosted workshops and panel discussions with filmmakers, artists, and activists. Past festival participants have included Julie Dash, Cheryl Dunye, Lourdes Portillo Alma Lopez, and Osa Hidalgo de la Riva. This year we are expanding opportunities for discussion and expression with the inclusion of multi-media, art and photography installations, spoken word, and musical performances. In addition, we have scheduled this year‚s festival to coincide with the Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) Summer Institute a gathering of Chicana/Latina and Native American students, faculty, and community members. For participating artists and filmmakers the 2006 film festival will serve as a space to network and dialogue with other women of color engaged in artistic, academic, and activist practice.

Festival Theme:

The theme of our 13th festival, Regenerations, draws inspiration from the number 13 in the Mayan calendar, which sy Regenerationsymbolizes transformation, movement, and change. We welcome submissions exploring the complex social, political, and personal issues facing women of color and their communities, engaging, but not limited to, the following potential issues:

Diaspora (dislocation, immigration, exile)

Sex and Love
War and Militarism
Health & Healing
Labor & Working Conditions
Environmental Justice and Natural Disaster
Incarceration and Imprisonment
Faith and Spirituality
Trans-border solidarity, organizing & resistance

Submission Guidelines:

1) Completion of the participant information sheet (download)
2) A review copy of your film and/or video (VHS or DVD for the review process) or a sample of your portfolio. Copies of stills from the submitted piece (if available). These items will not be returned and will be archived.
3) A detailed listing of equipment needs (for submissions other than film and/or video)

Please send these items, and any other materials that you think will be helpful in our decisions to:

Women of Color Film Festival
c/o Sandra Alvarez
PO BOX 1529
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Submission Deadlines:

Submissions must be postmarked by May 15th, 2006.
Late submissions: Entries received between May 16th and May 30th must pay a late fee of $25.

Please contact Sandra Alvarez ( or Cindy Bello ( with any questions.

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