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2004 Sustainability Conference
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UC Santa Cruz

June 19-22, 2005


The UC Santa Cruz Chancellor's Sustainability Action Council is proud to host the 4th Annual UC Sustainability Conference on June 20 and 21, with pre- and post-conference field-trips and training opportunities on June 19 and 22.

Building on past conferences, it will highlight, share, and celebrate best practices from UC and CSU campuses in many areas of greening campus operations.

Topics include:

•Green Building
•Food Systems
•Institutionalizing Sustainability
•Waste Management
•and much more!


Sponsored, in part, by the 2004-05 UC/CSU/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership Program under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission


UC Santa Cruz. Thinking at the Edge.

This year's Sustainability Conference will be at
UC Santa Barbara
June 25-28th.

See http://www.sustainability.ucsb.edu/conference for more information.


“We did not inherit the earth from our parents; we are merely borrowing it from our children.” – Ancient Proverb

Human beings have been consuming planetary resources at an alarming rate and negatively impacting the environment in global dimensions. There is a growing awareness that people must join together, working collaboratively to create solutions, generate alternatives, and change habits. We must move forward, as community, with increased stewardship and responsibility for the legacy we will leave to future generations. [more]


Conference Pictures now online! (July 12)

We're currently gathering the Speaker Presentations. Check out the Programs page for updated presentations. (June 29)

"UC eyes greener solutions" - Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 21)

"UC Santa Cruz ‘proud’ to host sustainability conference" - Santa Cruz Sentinel. (June 11)