Scientific divers must have their equipment checked at least annually, and more frequently if 50 dives are made per year. The Diving Safety Program is now able to offer the following equipment services to certified Scientific Divers:


  1. Equipment Testing: The DSP will inspect and test regulators and BCs. If your equipment fails our inspection you will need to have it serviced at an authorized service facility. Copies of the service invoice will need to be submitted prior to clearing your equipment for scientific diving use.
  2. Analog depth and pressure gauge testing.
  3. Scuba cylinder, visual inspection, tumbling, and valve overhaul.
  4. Air fills (time permitting).

Personal gear requiring inspection should be dropped off at the dive shop at Long Marine Lab. Contact the DSP technician Dave Benet ( for more information. The program can also provide equipment loans to appropriately trained, active scientific divers on a short term basis. It should be reserved in advance by contacting the DSP technician. Just like a library book, you are responsible for the equipment you borrow!