Name Affiliation Research Interest(s)
Apryl Berney History of Consciousness popular music
David Buuck History of Consciousness popular music, transnationalism
Albert Connelly Literature youth culture
Matt Chisholm Linguistics subcultures, graffiti culture, hip hop
Kevin Fellezs History of Consciousness popular music, film
Shawn Hayward History of Consciousness transgender representation in film, visual representation of invertebrates
April Henderson History of Consciousness hip hop, transnational popular music cultures
Warren Hoffman Literature music theater, American drama
Misha Hudson History chess in the Soviet Union
Roshanak Kheshti Anthropology sound, music, cultural imperialism
Veronica Kirk-Clausen Literature
Brij Lunine American Studies (lecturer) audience response/reception theory, hip hop, youth cultures, subcultures
Inger Stark Sociology gender and race construction in film and television
Matthew Waggoner History of Consciousness religion and its representation in popular culture
Heather Waldroup History of Consciousness representations of the pacific, tourism, performance, cultural centers
Lisa Ann Weiss Literature beur/ette music and cinema, rai music, chican/a music and cinema
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