The Popular Culture Research Cluster is organized to assist scholars interested in popular culture to: develop research skills and strategies; create a supportive and collaborative community; and provide a forum for presenting and formalizing research findings. The interests of the cluster, because it involves scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds, engage a wide range of popular cultural forms and idioms.


  • to discuss and develop research methodologies
  • to discuss and develop pedagogical strategies
  • to explore the ways in which popular culture can be articulated in academic discourse
  • to develop partnerships with faculty and scholars from UCSC as well as from other institutions nationally and internationally.

We are scholars who are interested in popular culture and hold informal readings and meetings. We circulate our research among the group for discussion and peer review to strengthen our individual and team research. We have been able to identify other departments, faculty members, and students who are engaged in popular culture in order to initiate interdisciplinary relationships. We look forward to future collaborative interdisciplinary work.

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