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Learning, Creating, and Using Knowledge - Concept Maps as Facilitative Tools in Schools and Corporations ---- by Joseph Novak

Teaching Science for Understanding - A Human Constructivist View ---- edited by Joel Mintzes, James Wandersee, and Joseph Novak

The Misconceptions Proceedings

The First Misconceptions Proceedings

The Second Misconceptions Proceedings

The Third Misconceptions Proceedings

From Misconceptions to Constructed Understanding - The Fourth Misconceptions Proceedings

Literature Reviews

A collaborative literature review of concept mapping This document includes reviews of external literature by Robert Abrams and Richard Iuli, as well as a guide to articles on concept mapping found in the Third Misconceptions Proceedings by Denise Kothe.

The Meaningful Learning Forum

The Meaningful Learning Forum is a new publication currently under development. The first issue will be devoted to concept mapping. If you would like to contribute an article, please print out the Call for Articles, the Article Specifications, and the Copyright Release Form, and follow the directions therein.

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User Manuals

LifeMap 3.7.5 - a Concept Mapping and Vee Diagramming Program Note: This is the entire user manual, all 4.3 MB of text and graphics.

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