this page lists all mags-sponsored and co-sponsored events. click after some listings to see the event-specific webpage. click after each listing to see the corresponding event flyer(s). pdf files require adobe acrobat reader and are optimized for screen viewing (in other words, they don't print very well).


  • paul celan : the limits of language   
    • lecture by john felstiner : paul celan and the german language : thursday, february 28, 2002, porter 148 12 noon
    • seminar/discussion led by nikolai popov : reading/translating paul celan : friday, march 01, 2002, cowell conference room, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

paul celan has been widely recognized as the major european poet of the period after 1945. although not well known in the u.s., his poetry bears striking resemblance to the writing of emily dickinson, whose work he translated into french and german. with the burgeoning of holocaust studies the poetry of this survivor is becoming much better known. this mini-conference, featuring two distinguished scholars and translators, will focus on the congruent problems of reading and translating a difficult but richly rewarding poet.

more information and seminar materials can be found on the paul celan: the limits of language webpage.

  • MAGS MONDAYS : spring 2002

    this mini-lecture/discussion group series will take place throughout spring quarter, 2002. we're compiling a list of short, key modernist/avant garde texts that have interdisciplinary relevance. if you have any specific requests or are interested in giving a 15-20 minute presentation, please email narayan nayar or tom vogler.

    more information on MAGS mondays will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

    • various : other talks and MAGS-sponsored events will take place throughout the 2001-2002 school year. we will announce these events here and on our mailing list.


    • film screening : passages from finnegans wake (with an introduction by tyrus miller) : tuesday, may 29, 2001, stevenson 150, 8pm

    • barrett watten : the turn to language in the 1960s : monday, may 14, 2001, oakes mural room, 5pm

    • ursula heise : global ecology, risk, and the narrative imagination : monday, may 7, 2001, cowell college, senior commons room, 4pm 

    • susan stewart : facing and touch in aesthetic form : monday, november 13, 2000, cowell conference room [reception will follow]

    • film screening : kurt kren, films of the vienna actionists : wednesday, may 24, 2000, earth & marine sciences b214 

    • beatrice hanssen : the self as work of art: foucault's turn to ethics and aesthetics : friday, may 19, 2000, kresge 15 

    • brian mChale : prospero's postmodern books: metafiction, science fiction and the tempest : friday, may 5, 2000, kresge 159 

    • daniel tiffany : lyric substance : tuesday, may 2, 2000, cowell conference room 

    • film screening : jacques lacan : television : introduction and discussion moderation by marsh leicester. tuesday, april 27, 2000, merrill 102