Phase III Transition Planning and Implementation

The IT Transformation Program (ITTP) successfully entered Phase III: Transition Planning and Implementation in July 2005. During this phase, ITS is maintaining essential client-based services for the campus while building a new set of centrally provided services and implementing foundational aspects of the new organization. Phase III was the final phase of ITTP. Work was complete in August 2007.

The following timeline highlights work completed during this phase. To read about more work completed, please visit: ITTP Phase III Work

October 2006: ITTP will refocus its efforts into two major areas. Those areas include: Defining and Delivering an SLA – The purpose of this project is to define and deliver a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between ITS and each campus division with an estimated completion time of April 2007. And, ITS Customer Request Process – The purpose of this project is to define a customer request process that in effect looks at how we complete our work. This project is expected to be complete in December 2006. A celebration was held to thank all the project teams on their deliverables.

April 2006: A Matrix Management Workshop was held for all ITS staff  to surface issues and to identify areas where we can provide clarity as the division proceeds with the implementation of new ITS cross-functional processes. The workshop encouraged staff to explore what change means and contribute in the beginning stages of creating the new processes. Matrix Management

December 2005: The first ITTP Phase III working  meeting was held. Participants included ITS senior managers, divisional liaisons, and project team members from the Support Center Consolidation, Service Catalog, Information Worker Rate Model, Storage and Server Consolidation, Change Management Board, Staff  Transition, Desktop Support, Application Solutions, and Instructional Technology Review. This meeting kicked off a new IT transformation focus that identified projects in the program, conducted base line planning for the projects, reinforced new roles in ITS, and raised cross project dependencies, concerns, and issues about the new organization. ITTP Phase III Planning Meeting (PDF, 932K)

October 2005: ITS Pathways was a half-day event for ITS staff to explore career paths, skills, and interests, plus gather more information about the ITS organization. This event also allowed staff to discuss their  interests with current IT directors and managers to help determine the best career path and where their current IT job fits into the organization.

August 2005: Vice Provost, Larry Merkley, officially welcomed seventy-five IT staff from around campus into the new ITS organization. Those divisions include IT staff from Physical and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Library, Student Affairs, University Relations, Business Administrative Services, School of Engineering, and University Extension. Staff Transition Project

ITTP Phase III Background Materials

As we continue to work through the transformation process, our efforts focus on these top four goals:
  • Align IT Resources with Campus Priorities
  • Stabilize Core IT Services, Including Security
  • Create Responsive, Client-Centered Service Delivery
  • Leverage IT Investments