Phase II Detailed Service Design Planning

In January with Phase I complete, the IT Transformation Program successfully moved into Phase II Detailed Service Design Planning formly known as the Migration and Planning phase. In this phase, several IT Transformation Program (ITTP) teams were created to deliver a transformation project plan that addresses our service needs, fits within our financial constraints, and allows for future growth and change. This plan will be presented to the EBC in June 2004.

Phase II Update - June 2004

The ITTP teams have completed their work in Phase II in preparation for consolidating IT services from across the campus into a new IT organization. The Funding team has defined services, their elements, and costs. Workstation Support, Program Management Office, Web Publishing, Enterprise Applications, and Client Relationship Management have developed a set of services for the new IT organization, defined what Bronze level of service means to the campus, and the costs and people needed to implement these services. The Culture, Values, and Symbols Team created a "Who We Are Guiding Document." This document provides clarity on which principles, values, and behaviors will guide and inspire IT, as one campus organization, to meet the needs of customers, the campus, and IT employees.

On June 24, the ITTP executive team will present the work of the ITTP teams and propose a transformation implementation plan to the Executive Budget Committee (EBC). Upon EBC approval, Phase III - Transition Planning and Implementation will begin.

In the next few weeks, Larry Merkley will announce the new IT senior management hiring process. As well, we are still determining the principles around who exactly will be defined as an IT resource – the “who's in, who's out” question. As such, it is still too early to know when the reporting relationships and roles of IT staff across campus will change and how that will be accomplished. As part of Phase III, reporting relationships and roles of IT staff will be defined.

Next phase...Phase III - Transition Planning and Implementation