Formulas used to compute the scores for various content categories

   Male/Female Percent Males ÷ (Males + Females)
Familiarity Percent Familiar ÷ (Familiar + Unfamiliar)
Friends Percent Friends ÷ All humans
Family Percent (Family + Relatives) ÷ All humans
Group Percent Plural humans ÷ All humans
Animal Percent Animals ÷ All characters
Social Interaction Percents
   Aggression/Friendliness Percent Dreamer-involved aggression ÷
(D-inv. aggression + D-inv. friendliness)
Befriender Percent Befriender ÷ (Befriender + Befriended)
Aggressor Percent Aggressor ÷ (Aggressor + Victim)
Victimization Percent Victim ÷ (Victim + Aggressor)
Physical Aggression Percent Physical aggressions ÷ All aggressions
Social Interaction Ratios
   A/C Index All aggressions ÷ All characters
F/C Index All friendliness ÷ All characters
S/C Index All sexuality ÷ All characters
   Indoor Setting Percent Indoor ÷ (Indoor + Outdoor)
Familiar Setting Percent Familiar ÷ (Familiar + Unfamiliar)
Self-Concept Percents
   Self-Negativity Percent (D as Vict. + D-inv. Misfortune + D-inv. Failure) ÷
(D as Vict. + D-inv. Misf. + D-inv. Fail. + D as Befriended + D-inv. GF + D-inv. Success)
Dreamer-Involved Success Percent D-involved success ÷ (D-inv. success + D-inv. failure)
Bodily Misfortunes Percent Bodily misfortunes ÷ All misfortunes
Torso/Anatomy Percent Torso, Anatomy, Sex body parts ÷ All body parts
Negative Emotions Percent Negative emotions ÷ All emotions
Percentage of Dreams with at Least One:
   Aggression Dreams with aggression ÷ Number of dreams
Friendliness Dreams with friendliness ÷ Number of dreams
Sexuality Dreams with sexuality ÷ Number of dreams
Misfortune Dreams with misfortune ÷ Number of dreams
Good Fortune Dreams with good fortune ÷ Number of dreams
Success Dreams with success ÷ Number of dreams
Failure Dreams with failure ÷ Number of dreams
Striving Dreams with success OR failure ÷ Number of dreams

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