2017-2018 SEMINARS

The STEM Active Learning Seminar (STEM- ALS) aims to cultivate a community of scientist-teachers and STEM educators at UCSC. Seminar speakers will have the opportunity to share their in-class experiments, insights, accomplishments, and challenges teaching STEM classes emphasizing scientifically-based teaching techniques. STEM-ALS is sponsored by the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences, the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators and a new grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which combined with UCSC campus funding, is revising introductory STEM courses at UCSC.

In addition, we would like to encourage announcements related to new grants, proposals, projects, or interests surrounding active learning practices before the seminar. Those wanting to make an announcement should make contact at least one day before the scheduled talk and plan for a 2-3 minute announcement with no more than one slide.

If you would like to present, please contact our organizers, Susy Honig (shonig@ucsc.edu), Colin West (cowest@ucsc.edu) and Gabe Mednick (gmednick@ucsc.edu).

Second Thursday of each month, 12:00-1:00 PM (bring your lunch!)

October 12

Biomed 300

Active Learning Infusion into Introductory Molecular and Cell Biology with professor Manny Ares

Host: Susy Honig and Gabe Mednick

Description: This past spring quarter, a crack team of active learning ninjas helped an aging research active faculty member infuse an introductory biology lecture class with a set of engaging exercises designed to make students manipulate and explain the key concepts of cellular composition, structure, energetics, and gene expression. Some of these exercises could be used in larger courses, or remodeled to address higher level understanding for use in more advanced courses.

Bio: Manny has been practicing the art of teaching college biology since 1987, and could use more practice to be honest. Over the years, he has taught (in whole or part) General Microbiology (Biol 119), General Microbiology Lab (Biol 119L), Cell Biology (110), Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins (BMB 100A), The Human Genome (80H), Yeast Molecular Genetics Lab (Biol 109L), and Introductory Molecular and Cell Biology (Biol 20A). At different times, he has received HHMI funding to create and institutionalize research-based laboratory classes. For example running Biol 185L as part of his HHMI Professor program 2002-2006, a research project lab in which small interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates worked on genomics projects related to RNA splicing. Another example, Biol 21L, Phage Genomics lab 2008-2010 with Grant Hartzog, engaged freshman in DNA isolation, genome sequencing, and annotation of a novel bacteriophage from the dirt around campus. Unfortunately neither of these projects have been sustained by the university. Most recently Manny has been assisting with Paul Koch's HHMI funded project to bring active learning to the introductory courses in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. He is hoping this one is a hit with administrators because if not he will have struck out, and will have to go sit on the bench.

2017-2018 SEMINARS

Nov 9th

Biomed 300

Canvas and Active Learning with Leslie Kern

Description: Ever wonder how to best use Canvas to achieve your goals? Looking for ways to know if your students are engaging with your materials in Canvas? Have specific questions on how to make Canvas work?

Come to the next Active Learning Collaboration Hours and meet Leslie Kern, Canvas Service Manager for UCSC. Leslie will highlight some Canvas features that support active learning, and then open the floor to your questions.

About Leslie: Leslie Kern is the Canvas Service Manager and Operations Manager for the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) in McHenry Library. Leslie has over 40 years experience providing support for education and publishing technologies in both the private and public sectors. The FITC provides technical support and consultation to faculty as they adopt and apply solutions for classroom and online learning.

December 14th

PSB 240

TBD with

Host: TBD



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