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  Resources added in 2017:
   Here is a video link to the HHMI-UC STEM Faculty Learning Community Online Workshop:

Effective Use of Student Response Systems in Large Lecture Halls

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Panel reports & key publications
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Challenge documents calling for changes in teaching science
PCAST Report Engage to Excel
*AAAS-NSF Vision & Change Report

What is "Active Learning"
(the "flipped" classroom)?
Colorado SEI Flipping Guide
Chronicle of Higher Ed "Guide to Flipping..."
*NYT article featuring UCDavis effort
Evidence that Active Learning works Michael, J. 2006
Impact of a disadvantaged educational backgrounds on university learning
Course structure impact on URM students

Changing the curriculum: What do we want our students to learn to do?
*AAMC-HHMI report on pre-med competencies
NAS on Convergence
PULSE web site
Testing students understanding of experimental design DasGupta et al. 2014
Efforts on other campuses

iAMSTEM hub at Davis*
*U. Colorado Boulder Science Education Initiative web site
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Colorado Workshop, June 2015