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Tips for TAs to Prevent Sexual Harassment

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  • Behavior that may be appropriate in a social environment could be entirely inappropriate in the classroom-context is everything.
  • Think carefully before having an intimate relationship with any UCSC student. UCSC prohibits a TA from dating a student that he/she is teaching under our conflict of interest policy. Your department may view your behavior as professional misconduct.
  • Be thoughtful about choosing the time and location to discuss course material with a student in your section.
  • Consider leaving the door open during office hours or meetings with students.
  • Avoid sharing details of your personal life with students. Think first before discussing sexual or intimate subjects that are unrelated to course material.
  • Document and discuss with the course professor any student conduct that is troubling.
  • Ignoring disruptive behavior could make it worse. Speak directly to the student immediately after class or during office hours.
  • Do not distribute contact information of students in your section unless you have permission to do so.
  • You may not wish to provide your home telephone number to students in your section.
  • If you feel threatened by a student, notify your supervisor immediately.
    Put your safety first.
  • Be aware of whom you call on in class and how you respond to their comments. Try to call on both male and female students with equal frequency.
    Be aware of whose comments you validate.
  • TA's have a responsibility to help prevent sexual harassment on campus. Report it if you see it. We cannot stop sexual harassment unless it is reported.



Contact Rita Walker , Title IX Officer: 105 Kerr Hall . email: rew@ucsc.edu . phone 831.459.2462 * 831.459.4825