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Especially for Graduate Students

Sex Equity Survey for Faculty and Lecturers

Research from Barnard, UC Berkeley, Dartmouth, Harvard, Oberlin, Wisconsin, and Yale indicate that both male and female lecturers may behave in ways that demean students or exclude them from participation in the full academic experience. Use the following questions and suggestions to assess your own behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes.

  1. Do you reflect and transmit unexamined cultural assumptions about people based on their sex? For example, one might believe that women are less intellectually committed and their work less competent and important than men's.

  2. Does your teaching style involve either comments or actions which single out or ignore someone because of their sex?

  3. Have you carefully examined your own personal beliefs about the roles of men and women in society?

  4. Videotape or audiotape a sample of your classes; then assess your behaviors, choice of words, and teaching styles.

  5. When making sex based statements about women or men be sure they are accurately based on reliable information. Universal generalizations about any group are damaging. For example, statements like, "Women don't think geographically," or, "Men are not well organized," are just not accurate.

  6. Do you use humor that demeans or belittles any person because of their sex?

  7. Avoid using generic masculine terms.

  8. When using illustrative examples, try to avoid stereotypes such as making all authority figures men and all subordinates women.

  9. Do people of one sex receive more of your time than the other? Do you treat the problems of one sex more seriously than the other? Are you systematically more attentive to the questions, answers, or projects of one sex over the other? Do you direct your questions only to one sex group in class?

  10. Do NOT ask your students out for dates, make sexual comments or innuendos to them, or attempt to engage them in sexually, intimate relationships.

  11. Add one or two questions about sex equity/sexual harassment issues to the class evaluations.



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