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FAQ on Mandatory (AB 1825) Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors & Faculty

Q: What is the mandatory supervisor & faculty training requirement?
A: Effective January 1, 2005, supervisors are required under California law (AB 1825) to have two hours of sexual harassment training every two years. Each new faculty member and/or supervisor, including new hires and promoted employees, must be trained within the first six months that they assume supervisory responsibilities.

Q: What if I have problems accessing the online training?
A: For technical questions about navigating through the course:
Contact the UCSC IT Help Desk help@ucsc.edu or 459-4357 (HELP).
You may also email UCOP at UCLearningCenter@ucop.edu, or go to their Usage Tips online at  www.universityofcalifornia.edu/sexual-harassment/resources/useagetips.html

For content or training requirement questions: Contact ttsugawa@ucsc.edu or 459-2462

Q: Can I take the training online or in person?
Yes. Supervisors and faculty have the option to take the two-hour training in person or online. In person trainings are offered by the Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office. Trainings for work units can be arranged for groups of 20 or more by contacting Tracey Tsugawa at ttsugawa@ucsc.edu or 459-2462.

Q: What if I already attended a program?
You will be required to take the training two years after your last completion date. UCOP will send you a personalized link, with reminders at 60, 30 and 7 days prior to your training deadline. If you have questions about your compliance requirements, email Tracey Tsugawa at ttsugawa@ucsc.edu or 459-2462.

Q: Who is a supervisor?
The definition of “supervisor” under AB 1825 (Gov. Code Section 12950.1) is very broad. It includes not only those who hire or fire employees, but also individuals who may assign or direct the work of others. For the purpose of this training, the UC Office of the President has determined that all faculty, senior managers (SMG), librarians, and managers and senior professionals (MSP) employees must complete the training, regardless of supervisory responsibilities.

Q: What responsibilities do supervisors & faculty have under UC & UCSC policy?
A: University officials (supervisors and faculty) are charged by state and federal laws and UC policy to provide a learning and/or work environment that is free of harassment and to assist those who report harassing conduct to them. University officials are required under UCSC policy to consult with the Title IX/sexual harassment officer, Tracey Tsugawa at ttsugawa@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-2462, before responding to reports of harassment that come to his/her attention.

Q: What about training for non-supervisory staff?
A: While training for non-supervisory staff is not currently mandatory, there are many reasons why supervisors will want to schedule regular training for their staff. UCSC and its supervisors must meet the legal requirement of taking "all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring" by ensuring that all staff, students, and faculty are aware of UCSC policy and their rights and responsibilities under our policy.



Contact Tracey Tsugawa , Title IX Officer: 105 Kerr Hall . email: ttsugawa@ucsc.edu . phone 831.459.2462