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Delisting the Peregrine Falcon

Clutch of Peregrine Eggs at a Wild EyriePeregrine falcon removed from Endangered Species List!

On 20 August 1999, the peregrine falcon was officially removed from the Federal List of Endangered Species. Close to 1,000 people were on hand in Boise, Idaho, to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, an event hosted by The Peregrine Fund, the The Raptor Center and the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group. While of course the peregrines themselves did most of the work of breeding and reproducing themselves after the DDT ban, this was an amazing gathering of folk who love and have been inspired by peregrines over the years, and have dedicated some portion of their lives to ensuring that their children might someday thrill to the sound of the wind screaming through the feathers of a peregrine.

If you’ve never heard that, here’s hoping that you do soon. To all those who didn’t make it to the gathering, THANK YOU!! for all your efforts on the peregrine's behalf.

We invite you to visit Peregrines for more information on the return of the peregrine, and our role in the recovery efforts. SCPBRG will continue limited work with peregrines in California, in addition to other raptorial species. Peregrines are currently still on California's list of Endangered Species, and also a Fully Protected Species in the state.