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San Jose Nest Diary 2014:

April 9, 2014: Four young have hatched. Banding is scheduled for May 2nd at about 0730.

April 8, 2014: Hatching is underway in the San Jose City Hall nest with at least two young visible by 0800 today.

March 7, 2014: We have a full clutch of 4 eggs being incubated by attentive adults. Hatching should begin in about 32 days.

February 27: Laying began on this date this year. We look forward to completion of the clutch with a total of four eggs arriving in sequence approximately every 56 hours.

Clara preeningFebruary 11, 2014: As Valentines Day approaches, the San Jose City Hall pair have been seen on the nest ledge regularly, doing nest ledge displays at the gravel tray, and digging scrapes in the gravel where the eggs will be incubated. These are important courtship activities. This morning, Clara is preening while perched on the short wall. Perching close to the nest scrape for long periods is an indication that egg-laying is probably not far off.