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San Jose Nest Diary 2008:

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Note that diary entries list most recent events first

2008 Falcon's NamedMay 29, 2008: City Hall today announced the names of the 2008 offspring of Clara and Carlos.  Local Bay Area schools submitted names for this year's brood.  The winning names are as follows:

Female 1: left leg 04 R "Meyye"
Female 2: right leg 52 Z "Cielo"
Male: left leg 93 P "Mercury"

Entries were received from children ages 5 to 17 from throughout San Jose. Cielo was nominated by Aidan, a kindergartener at Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet School. Justin, a fifth grade student at Village School, nominated Meyye. Mercury was nominated by Cameron, a third grader at Parkview School.

SCPBRG bands the City Hall falcon chicksMay 16, 2008: Banding Day! The San Jose falcon chicks were banded early this morning at City Hall by SCPBRG's Brian Latta.  This year there are 2 females, and 1 male youngster in the nest.  Clara was observed defending the nest during the banding this morning, though Carlos was not seen, and presumed to be hunting away from the nest.  The chicks were all determined to be healthy, and fitted with the following visual identification (VID) bands:

Female 1: left leg 04 R
Female 2: right leg 52 Z
Male: left leg 93 P

The youngsters are growing fast!May 1, 2008: The fourth egg did not hatch for unknown reasons. If it remains intact when the young are banded in mid-May, SCPBRG will collect it and determine whether it was fertile. The three young are healthy and growing.




Carlos with newly hatched youngApril 22, 2008: Three of Clara and Carlos' eggs hatched today, on Earth Day.






Clara with 4 eggs March 24, 2008March 24, 2008: Clara and Carlos now have four eggs to care for this spring. For now, nestbox activity will primarily be limited to incubation exchanges between the adults. Once the eggs hatch, activity in and around the nest box will increase significantly.



March 16, 2008: This morning two eggs were visible in the nest box! The eggs are expected to hatch toward late April. 


The First Egg ArrivesMarch 13, 2008:  It's almost spring, and Clara has laid the first egg of the 2008 season on top of San Jose City Hall!  Clara's mate from last year, Jose, has not been seen since mid-summer 2007.  However, a new tiercel, known as Carlos, took up residence in the area soon after, and Clara has accepted Carlos as her new mate.