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San Francisco Nest Diary 2014:

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Banding 2014May 7, 2014: We banded three female young that we found in robust condition. UC Santa Cruz student, Nicky Bunn, is shown immediately following banding.

April 22, 2014: The last eyas remained smaller than the rest and suffered from some malady that manifested itself as a deformation on the head and one eye. The young failed to thrive by missing meals, falling on his back with difficulty righting itself, and finally passed after looking particularly droopy for one day.

Banding is scheduled for May 9th at about 1100.

April 16, 2014: Hatching occurred beginning on April 14 with the first three eggs. The fourth egg hatched today, April 16.

March 14, 2014: We have a full clutch of 4 eggs under incubation by attentive adults. Hatching should begin in about 32 days.

March 6, 2014: The first egg appeared on the 33rd floor of the PG&E headquarters building today, keeping a long tradition of beginning a clutch within the same week as the pair on camera in San Jose. Approximately 56 hours will separate the arrival of eggs with an anticipated clutch size of 4 eggs.

Ledge DisplayFebruary 10, 2014: The mutual ledge display seen in the attached photo is an important part of courtship that leads up to egg-laying and we are on egg-watch now in San Francisco.