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San Jose Peregrine Falcon Nest:

San Jose City Hall (Photo © E. Loewen)Background: In spring 2006 it was reported to SCPBRG that two peregrine falcons were perching on and around the San Jose City Hall. Although the birds were frequently seen during the spring months, it was determined that they were not (yet) a nesting pair.  A nest box was installed by SCPBRG in 2006 in the hopes the pair might choose to nest there.  The falcons remained in the area through the remainder of the year, and in early spring 2007 they were again frequently seen together in the area.  They did indeed choose to nest at City Hall, and 3 eggs were laid in the nest box in March of this year.

Who are the San Jose Peregrine Falcons?

In 2007, the falcons in San Jose were dubbed Jose Fernando and Clara by their followers.  As neither of the birds in this pair were banded, their origin is unknown. In spring 2006, when the birds were first reported to us, it was apparent that the falcon, Clara, was still sporting her juvenile plumage and is estimated to be two years old.  Jose Fernando, the tiercel, was clearly an adult, but his age was unknown.

2007 was a very successful year for Jose and Clara. However, Jose was not seen in downtown San Jose after July.  By year end, it was apparent that a new tiercel, now known as Carlos, had taken up residence in the area.  During winter and early spring numerous courtship displays were observed between Carlos and Clara, and she has clearly accepted Carlos as her new mate for the 2008 season.  

For more information on the progress of the 2008 season, see the 2008 Nest Diary.