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University servers have been experiencing problems publishing live views of the nest ledge. Recorded views of all stages of peregrine falcon nesting chronology from past seasons are available here:

Link to our Discussion Group for information about these birds. Search Yahoo! Groups for SF_PGE_FALCONS


This view of Peregrine Falcons is possible because biologists at UC Santa Cruz and Cornell University collaborated in the mid-1970s to restore a nearly extinct Peregrine Falcon population. At the time, two pairs were known in California—none could be found nesting east of the Mississippi River.

Widespread use of the persistent pesticide, DDT, contaminated the environment worldwide resulting in eggshell thinning that decimated the Peregrine population. DDT was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1972. For the next three decades, the U. C. Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group bred falcons in large aviaries, hatched thin-shelled eggs, climbed to the Cliffside nests of these birds, and restored the California population to an estimated 250 pairs—up from just 2 pairs.

We celebrate this extraordinary success story with the falcon nest camera view of wild nature as it unfolds above city streets. We share the story with school students by presenting school assemblies and with the community by engaging the participation of a large network of UC Santa Cruz students and community volunteers who assist with our ongoing baseline research on this species.

To learn more and be a part of an ongoing discussion about these birds, join the Yahoo! Group at: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/SF_PGE_Falcons/.

We are grateful to Pacific Gas and Electric Company for partial support of this falcon nest camera and the associated school assembly and volunteer participation program.

Click here to view a larger image of the Nest Cam (the resolution of the camera is fixed, so the image will be larger on your screen, but it may appear grainy or fuzzy).

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Nest Cam Sponsor: Pacific Gas & Electric Company

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