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Golden Eagle Research

Golden EagleDiablo Mountains of California

During the fall of 1998, the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group initiated its second study of the population dynamics of golden eagles in the Diablo Mountains of California. The first phase of the research, funded by the wind industry and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, addressed the importance of eagle deaths resulting from wind turbine blade strikes to the status of the population. The recent phase of the study, funded by the California Energy Commission, intended to identify and mitigate the factors that influence the existence of golden eagles in the region.

Golden Eagles and the Channel Islands Fox

In addition, we are conducting in a project to remove non-native golden eagles from the northern Channel Islands off Southern California. The eagles have only recently colonized the islands, and are preying on the island fox, a small endemic species about the size of a house cat. We are releasing the eagles is prime eagle habitat, and fitting them with satellite telemetry to ascertain whether they return.