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The peregrine falcon population decline to near extinction, and then recovery due to conservation biology efforts has been hailed as history’s best example of a wildlife management success story. We tell this story using a tame peregrine and slides that illustrate how we bred these rare birds in large aviaries, climbed to their nests on high cliffs, nand raised young at our lab for release into the wild.

Audiences from 3rd grade through adult are fascinated to see the hands-on techniques we used, learn details about the peregrine falcon’s natural history, and to learn more about a potential career path in conservation biology though other projects we highlight.

A typical school assembly or talk for a community group lasts about 45 minutes including time for Q & A. Each of our speakers is experienced with conservation biology techniques and has worked in the field on the projects that are described. A tame peregrine falcon accompanies the presenter to each program offering a personal connection to the birds shown in the slides.

School AssemblyWHAT WE NEED: All we require is a projection screen and a room that may be darkened completely for slides (skylights and uncovered windows can make it difficult for the audience to appreciate the program). We supply the projector, extension cord, and a secure perch that the falcon is tethered to during the program.

TO SCHEDULE A PRESENTATION: Contact us, or use our online form.