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Glenn R. Stewart

Presenting conservation education programs for students and the public.
Glenn and Sophie
I have been privileged to be affiliated with the Predatory Bird Research Group since its earliest days in 1976. Today, as director, I am primarily an educator with teaching responsibilities at UC Santa Cruz, presenting school assemblies for the biologists of tomorrow throughout the greater Bay Area, and as a mentor to citizen scientists who monitor peregrine falcons in the Bay Area.

Most of my research work is focused on the San Francisco Bay Area peregrine falcon population as an indicator of greater ecosystem processes. Along with many students and volunteers, we band about 25 nestling peregrines each spring, conduct a winter survey of peregrines on the second Saturday of every December, and we monitor up to thirty Bay Area nests each year. Addled eggs found in the course of nest visits for banding are referred to Dr. Da Chen at Southern Illinois University for his studies of emerging contaminants in sentinel species of wildlife.

Studying bald eagles at Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Glenn and Sophie
Previously, I was the program leader for three hands-on raptor programs: a Central California bald eagle population recovery, a Southern California Harris’ hawk population recovery, and the salvage and release of over 100 nestling peregrines found in lethal fledging environments such as urban bridges.

I shared the fieldwork with one other biologist for the only statewide survey of goshawks ever completed for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The US Fish and Wildlife Service recruited me to devote a summer to the study of the impacts of an oil spill to Prince William Sound Alaska bald eagles immediately following the Exxon-Valdez oil tanker collision. The Idaho Conservation League made me their executive director during the first half of the 1990s.

When not engaged in conservation education activities I consult with vineyard managers about falconry bird abatement and consult with raptor rehabilitators on husbandry methods. My wife, Anna, and I enjoy traveling among Western America’s vast landscapes to hunt waterfowl and upland game birds with the two falcons we produced in our raptor propagation program.