1st César Chávez Convocation




The CLRC organized the 1st Annual César Chávez Celebration. This ceremony brought together students, staff, and faculty for a noon social to acknowledge the work and life of César Chávez. Through an open Mic, testimonies, food and music people were able to share how César Chávez and the work of the farm workers movement had transformed their lives. This provided the University community with an opportunity to understand who César Chávez was during a time when the State of California recognizes him and the value of his work. We also brought members of the UFW to discuss current issues facing farm-workers and showed the film “Struggle in the Fields.”

Please see the Santa Cruz Sentinel Article below and read about the legendary Civil Rights Leader, Dolores Huerta the 1st César Chávez Convocation at U.C.S.C.



Activist rallies UCSC students
May 14, 2004

"She gives us spirit to go on,"
(Larry Trujillo)

More in the Sentinel Newspaper.

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