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The Chicano Latino Resource Center was established in 1995 as a response to the educational needs of Chicano and Latino students at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Better known as "EL CENTRO" by students and staff, the Center serves as a hub of organized activity and resources that support student transition, retention, graduation and academic advancement.

Through campus and community partnerships the mission of EL CENTRO is to promote a critical understanding of Chicana/os and Latina/os within the United States and internationally. We accomplish this mission by offering workshops as well as an extensive programming calendar. Our efforts promote cultural affirmation, social justice values and community service. Students attending our activities gain insight into cultural dynamics, social and political processes and the historical significance of the contributions that Chicana/os and Latina/os have made to the U.S and to the broader world community.

El CENTRO shares the space with the Ethnic Resource Centers. EL CENTRO offers a comfortable space for students who are eager to learn more about campus resources, Chican@ Latin@ student organizations, faculty and staff connections, and about opportunities for campus involvement.

Through collaborative efforts with campus partners, EL CENTRO organizes activities that encourage student intellectual growth, leadership development, preparation for graduate/professional school and career options.

List of Events

* Chicano Latino New Student Welcome
* SSTOC Leadership Training
* California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education
* EL CENTRO Internship
* Dia De Los Muertos Celebration and Activitiesv
* Pan Dulce Fridays
* Cesar Chávez Convocation
* Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship Event
* Chicana Latina Pipeline Activities
* Queer and Questioning People of Color Receptions and Activities
* Special events for Transfer Students and Graduate Students
* Book Talks, Film Screenings, Receptions and Gatherings

Of course there is much more!  Many of our events and activities happen organically.  Raza students, faculty, staff and allies  want to see a particular activity happen and we offer the support.  We encourage students to get involved in making their needs and interests known.  EL CENTRO is a good location to help make connections happen.  Staff and interns are available to talk with students interested in sharing ideas and thoughts about activities.

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