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Learning Support Services
221 Academic Resources Center (ARCenter)
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: 831.459.4333
Fax: 831.459.3047
Office Hours:
M-F 9:00am-6:00pm

Whether you are struggling in a course or you are doing well, there is never a case when you cannot benefit from a tutor!


7 Digit Student ID Required

Anticipated courses to support for Summer 2015 have been selected.
Tutor Sign up Dates

Summer 2015 Tutor Sign-Ups:

Summer Session 1, 8 week & 10 week Starts: Tuesday, 6/23 @ 10AM
Summer Session 2 Starts:Tuesday, 7/28 @ 10AM

Please be sure to seek tutoring as early as possible!

Peer tutoring Drop-in Writing Tutoring is available to all students

Drop-in Writing Begins: Monday, April 6th

Monday - Thursday
3pm to 6pm
@ ARCenter 221

How does it work?
Students may sign up for a 30 minute appointment slot by calling Learning Support Services at (831) 459-4333 before 2:00pm the day of the session. 

Calculator Drop-in Math Tutoring is available to all students

Drop-in Math Begins:
Tuesday, April 7th

Tuesday - Thursday
5pm to 7pm
@ McHenry Library 1279

Courses supported:
MATH 2, 3, 11A, 11B, 19A, 19B, 22, 23A, 23B

How to Get a Tutor

To get a tutor, you must enter the Online Tutor Sign-up System(OTSS), a portal for students to create and manage their tutoring accounts. If you are new to this system, you will have to register. Once registered, OTSS will enable you to log-on, search and view your tutoring services! If you need help signing up for a tutor please follow the instructions here.

Summer 2015 Anticipated Classes to Support

Summer Session 1 Classes:
  • AMS 005
  • BIOE 020C
  • BIOL 020A, 100
  • CHEM 001A, 001C, 108A
  • ECON 011A, 100A
  • MATH 003, 011A, 019A, 019B, 023A
  • METX 119
  • PSYC 001
  • SOCY 105A

  • Summer Session 2 Classes:
  • BIOL 105
  • CHEM 001B, 108B
  • ECON 011B, 113
  • MATH 003, 011B, 019B, 022, 023B
  • METX 135
  • PHIL 009
  • SOCY 105B

  • Summer Session 8 Week:
  • CMPE 16
  • CMPS 012B, 101, 109

  • Summer Session 10 Week:
  • PHYS 006A, 006C
  • Fall 2015 Anticipated Classes to Support

    Winter 2016 Anticipated Classes to Support

    Spring 2015 Anticipated Classes to Support

    Wait List Email for students to send Tutors


    Writing Tutoring

    Writing tutoring is also available from Learning Support Services through OTSS. However, assistance for Writing 20, 21, 23 and Core are set-up by your instructor, not through OTSS. Please see your instructor for more details about these specific courses.

    Tutoring for MSI Supported Classes

    During the Summer, MSI is not offered so we do not support MSI with tutoring.

      Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How do I sign-up for tutoring?

      Log-in to the OTSS student portal. Students will need to register with OTSS each quarter.

      What can I expect from my tutoring sessions?

      The tutoring sessions are meant to be interactive. You can expect to participate: to ask and to answer questions, to clarify important concepts and to develop study strategies that are important for your discipline. Sessions meet weekly for one hour.

      Who is eligible for tutoring?

      All UCSC students are eligible for up to 1 hour per week of tutoring. If you are intersted in receiving tutoring for an MSI supported class, please visit the MSI page.

      When can I sign up for a tutor?

      Sign-ups are done on-line on the OTSS Student Portal. If you are a first time user, you will need to register. Sign-ups begin during the second full week of the quarter.

      Is the tutoring one-on-one or with a group?

      Each tutoring session is set to 4 students, but may increase up to 6 students if space is needed. One-on-one tutoring is only availble for writing sessions and students with DRC accommodations.

      Who are the tutors?

      All of our tutors are undergraduate students in good academic standing who have received a B or better in the class that they are tutoring. In addition, each tutor is required to participate in quarterly training.

      How much tutoring can I receive?

      You may receive one hour of tutoring per week in each class that you are taking.

      Is there drop-in tutoring?

      Generally, no. When you sign up for a tutor using OTSS you are making a commitment to attend the session each week. (After you missing two sessions your tutor will drop you from the session.) We do offer drop-in tutoring for Writing at the ARC Mon-Thur from 3-6pm. We also offer drop-in math tutoring for MATH 2, 3, 11A, 11B, 19A, 19B, 22, 23A, and 23B Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at McHenry Library 1279.

      If I am receiving tutoring, do I need to attend lecture or section?

      Absolutely! Our services are supplemental and are meant to help you develop your understanding of the course material. You will get much more out of your sessions if you attend lecture and section regularly.

      What if when I sign-up on the OTSS system there are no tutors available for my class?

      If there are no available tutors for your class, OTSS will prompt you to add your name to the waitlist. Then it is a two part process: 1) You need to check in with your professor, TA and peers to see if they have a recommendation for a tutor. Also, check in with Learning Support Services regularly. 2) We will contact our current employees and applicants to see if they can fulfill your waitlist request.

      What if I find a tutor for my class but I can’t meet at the times listed?

      If there is a tutor available for your class but you cannot attend any of the times listed, you can come into our office to request the tutor's contact information. You can then contact the tutor to see if you are able to coordinate a time that works for the both of you.

      Are there any requirements for attending tutoring?

      Tutoring is only a supplement to your attending lecture, section, Professor and TA office hours, and completing reading and homework assignments.

      How do I contact my tutor?

      After you sign up for a session, you will receive an automatic email with your tutor’s contact information. The tutor should contact you within 24 hours. If you have any problems contacting your tutor, please contact Learning Support Services at 831-459-4333.

      Where are the tutoring sessions held?

      All tutoring sessions are held on campus in an academic setting. Tutoring sessions cannot be held in dorm rooms, dorm lounges, or cafes with music. There is space available at the Academic Resources Center and at the Oakes Learning Center. Your tutor gets to decide the exact location of the tutoring session. We encourage you to have your first meeting at the Academic Resources Center (ARC).

      What if I have to cancel a session?

      Please give your tutor at least 24 hours advanced notice if you need to cancel a session. If you miss two sessions without giving the tutor proper notice, you will be dropped form that session.

      What if I need reschedule my tutoring session?

      If it is a permanent change, check on the OTSS system for another available session you may be able to make. If it is a temporary change, you can check with your tutor to see if he/she can accommodate your request. Please be respectful of your tutor’s schedule and time commitments.

      What if I no longer need or want to meet with my tutor?

      Please call our office at 831-459-4333 to be removed from your session.

      What if I am having problem with my tutor?

      Please contact our office at 831-459-4333 and we will assist you.

      Does tutoring happen during Finals Week?

      Tutoring ends the last week of instruction unless you make specific arrangements with your tutor to meet during Finals Week.

      What if I need accommodations during my tutoring sessions?

      Please contact Learning Support Services and the DRC and we will coordinate appropriate accommodations.

      How do I become a tutor?

      Please visit the Student Job Listings page for more information.