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Learning Support Services
221 Academic Resources Center (ARCenter)
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: 831.459.4333
Fax: 831.459.3047
Office Hours:
M-F 9:00am-6:00pm

Student Tutoring

Welcome to Learning Support Services

Our services are designed to help students excel academically.

Peer guided group sessions called Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) are available for selected lower and upper-division undergraduate courses.

Content-related tutoring is available for many classes. Additionally, Writing tutoring is available in writing courses as well as for writing assignments in courses throughout the disciplines. Tutoring is available to all UCSC students. Tutoring is only available for undergraduate UCSC courses that a student is enrolled in.

Summer 2015 Classes Supported*:

*LSS is only supporting the classes listed below in the summer.

Summer Session 1 Classes:

  • BIOE 020C (Tutoring)
  • BIOL 020A, 100 (Tutoring)
  • CHEM 001A, 001C, 108A (Tutoring)
  • ECON 011A, (Tutoring)
  • MATH 003, 011A, 019A, 019B, 023A (Tutoring)
  • PSYC 001 (Tutoring)
  • SOCY 105A (Tutoring)
  • Summer Session 2 Classes:

  • AMS 5 (Tutoring)
  • BIOL 105 (Tutoring)
  • CHEM 001B, 108B (Tutoring)
  • ECON 011B, 113 (Tutoring)
  • MATH 003, 011B, 019B, 023B (Tutoring)
  • PHIL 009 (Tutoring)
  • SOCY 105B (Tutoring)
  • METX 135 (Tutoring)
  • Summer Session 8 Week:
  • CMPE 16 (Tutoring)
  • CMPS 012A, 012B, 101, 109 (Tutoring)
  • Summer Session 10 Week:
  • PHYS 006A, 006C (Tutoring)