Wireless Locations

2300 Delaware - off campus
1210 Shaffer Rd. - off campus
Academic Resource Center
Arts Faculty Studios (formerly Housing Building)
Baskin School of Engineering
Baytree Conference Center
Cantu Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex Resource Center
Center for Adaptive Optics
Classroom Unit Lecture Halls
College Eight A/L and A/G Study Rooms 119
College Eight B/L and C/L Study Rooms 119
College Eight Apt 2 and 6 Lounges
College Eight Dining Hall and Cafe
College Nine Namaste Lounge
College Nine Residence Hall Lounges
College Nine/Ten Dining Hall and Multipurpose Room
College Nine/Ten Multipurpose room
College Ten Cafe Revolution
College Ten Residence Hall Lounges
Communications Building, Room 50, Conf Room 143, and patio
Cook House
Cowell Apt 1 IC Lab
Cowell Conference Room
Cowell Dining Hall and Cafe
Cowell Senior Commons Room
Cowell Library
Cowell Residence Hall Lounges
Cowell Student Health Center
Crown Dining Hall and Cafe, Fireside Lounge
Crown Library Study
Crown Merrill Apartments, Building 15
Crown Residence Hall Lounges
Earth & Marine Sciences
Elena Baskin Visual Arts Center

Engineering 2 Building, Room 192
Farm Chalet (Center for AgroEcology & Sustainable Food Systems)
Graduate Housing
Graduate Student Commons
Hagar Court (Faculty Housing office)
Hahn Rooms 182, 190, and 257
Humanities I
Humanities II
Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Interdisciplinary Sciences
Kerr Hall Lobby, Room 8
Kresge Cafe
Kresge Graduate Student Offices
Kresge Library
Kresge Recreation Building
Kresge Seminar Room
Kresge Student (Commuter) Lounge
Kresge Town Hall
KZSC Radio Station
Media Theatre
Ming Ong Computer Lab
McHenry Library
Merrill Activity Center and Cafe
Merrill Library Study
Merrill Residence Hall Lounges
Music Lobby, Music Lounge
NASA Building (SVC/UARC) - off campus
Natural Sciences II
OPERS 2nd Floor Lobby
Oakes Academic
Oakes Cafe
Oakes Classroom 105
Oakes Residential Hall Lounges
Porter Cafe
Porter Fireside Lounge
Porter Residence Hall Lounges
Porter Study Center
Quarry Plaza
Science and Engineering Library
Sinsheimer Labs 1st and 2nd Floor
Social Sciences I lobby, Computing Lab, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Social Sciences II lobby
Stevenson Dining Hall and Cafe
Stevenson Fireside Lounge
Stevenson Library
Student Press Center
Student Union
Theatre Arts Building A, D, J
Thimann Labs 3rd Floor
University Town Center (UTC) - off campus
Women's Center (Cardiff House)