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Grade-Point Average (GPA) and Grade-Point Balance (GPB) Calculator

Instructions for Use

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Credits Grade Grade Points
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Total Grade Points Entered: 0
Current GPA: 0.000
Current GPB: 0.000

Total UCSC Credits Taken for GPA:
Cumulative GPA:

Projected GPA: 0.000
Projected GPB: 0.000

Instructions for Use

Enter the number of credit-bearing courses enrolled in a present or upcoming quarter and click submit.

Enter the credits for each course, the grade and click submit to project the current GPA and GPB.

To project how this will affect the Cumulative GPA and GPB, enter the Total UCSC Credits and the Cumulative GPA. This information may be found on MyUCSC > Academic Progress > Grades. Choose the most recently graded quarter.

Note: UCSC GPA is rounded down at the thousandths. A GPA of 3.667 will be calculated at the university as a 3.66. Because of this, there may be a discrepancy between projected GPA and GPB on this calculator and your actual GPA and GPB.

PHP code was created by Stephen Moss, Information Systems Managment Major, Stevenson College Class of 2007.