Welcome to the NetPrice Calculator!

This tool is intended to provide you with a rough ESTIMATE of the amount and types of aid you might expect to receive from UC Santa Cruz if you meet application deadlines. Do your best to enter accurate information in the tool.

The estimated values produced by this tool are not the actual amounts you will be offered by UC Santa Cruz. To receive an official offer for the academic year beginning in September, submit a FAFSA no later than March 2nd.  Also if you are a California resident, be sure your school submits a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form by this date.   We will post additional document requests on your To Do List on MyUCSC and notify you (the student) via email if we do this.

This tool is intended only for full-time, undergraduate students. Graduate students should contact the UC Santa Cruz Graduate Division or their academic department for more information.

Click below on text in the box that describes your status:

Note:  Students who are less than 24 years old may qualify for independent status. For more information, view the FAFSA dependency status criteria.

*Net Price is the total cost for one year minus gift aid (grants & scholarships) you may receive. In 2013-14 70% of first-year full-time dependent, undergraduate students received gift aid.