APARC 2010 Conference: Spatial Imaginaries and Critical Geographies Across the Pacific

Call for Graduate Research Papers

Location: University of California, Santa Cruz

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Asia-Pacific-Americas Research Cluster (APARC) at UC Santa Cruz will host its fifth annual graduate research conference on Saturday, February 27, 2010. Our conference will engage graduate students from a wide range of disciplines in a dialogue on the historical production of space and place across Asia Pacific America. We will consider the significance of these sites within the context of global capital, diasporic and transnational flows of people, commodities, and ideas, dominant and emergent cultures, and past and present counter-hegemonic struggles. We welcome submissions from graduate students of any discipline on topics including but not limited to: (1) how power and resistance are inscribed in space, particularly through textual, visual, and embodied cultural practices that link sites across the Pacific; (2) utopian, dystopian, and heterotopian trans-Pacific imaginaries; (3) articulations of locality, regionality, and globality in and across Asia Pacific America; (4) issues of cultural memory and alternative temporalities in the construction and experience of social space; (5) how identities and communities are articulated in relation to geographic imaginaries such as the oceanic, the pastoral, the cosmopolitan, and the frontier. APARC especially encourages contributions that use transnational and/or interdisciplinary approaches.

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, December 15, 2009.

Please send aparc.ucsc@gmail.com the following: an abstract (no longer than 300 words) and a short bio including your institution, departmental affiliation, and class year.

Please note: Due to budgetary constraints and policies, we are unable to fund student travel and accommodation expenses. Participants are advised to secure funding from their home institutions. We sincerely hope that this will not prevent interested graduate students from contributing to this promising event.



Faculty Members
Alan Christy, History (advisor)

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