The Living Writers Reading Series invites each year an average of 20 authors and writing professionals to campus to present their work and engage with students and faculty in questions about craft and careers.  Of those invited, many are local and alumni, and include a range of individual authors who represent diversity of color and gender and of approaches to their craft.  The series is open to the larger campus and local community.  When possible, the series has partnered with community literary groups to co-sponsor events, hoping to create a more fluid relationship between town and gown.  Because Living Writers is also weekly scheduled course for creative writing students, it garners a minimum audience of 200 students and is considered a vital part of the pedagogical curriculum for creative writing, the work of visiting writers being incorporated into the study and research of students each quarter.  The Living Writers Reading Series is a vital component of Creative Writing. We bring a variety of poets and writers and publishing professionals to campus attracts potential students and validates our serious commitment to enriching, not only the education of our students, but the literary lives of our larger community. 

  • Joel Tan
  • Linh Dinh
  • Craig Santos Perez
  • Ed Lin