ITS web hosting for campus units

List of sites hosted on ITS managed web servers at UC Santa Cruz.

Host summary: 3 lamp 180 wcms 173 sites 77 www2 6 www3
Unit name Description Web address Host    Logs   
3plus3 3+3 BA/JD Program wcms logs
50for50 50 for 50 Project wcms logs
aaperez UCSC - Ariel A. Perez sites logs
aapirc Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center wcms logs
aarcc African American Resource & Cultural Center wcms logs
abog Academic Business Officers Group wcms logs
abogconference ABOG Conference wcms logs
academicaffairs Academic Affairs
  Other address:
wcms logs
acadonna Annalisa Cadonna sites logs
acrochem Dr. B's Organic Chemistry Courses sites logs
ada Disability Accommodations and Resources wcms logs
admissions Undergraduate Admissions
  Other address:
wcms logs
advising Undergraduate Advising wcms logs
ahr Academic Personnel Office legacy apps www2 logs
ahuja neel ahuja sites logs
aia-society UCSC Society, Archaeological Institute of America sites logs
airc American Indian Resource Center wcms logs
ali Active Learning Initiative www2 logs
allansartworlds Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds sites logs
alumni Alumni Association
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
amathews Hello. Welcome to Andrew Mathews' site! sites logs
americanstudies American Studies Department
  Other address:
wcms logs
anthro Anthropology Department wcms logs
anthro-media Anthropology (media) www2 logs
apo Academic Personnel Office
  Other address:
wcms logs
aprlab The Ramirez Lab sites logs
arboretum Arboretum
  Other address:
wcms logs
arc Archeology Research Center wcms logs
arielperez Ariel Pérez, Lecturer in Spanish, UC Santa Cruz sites logs
artscy Art Meets Science sites logs
asf Senate Forum www2 logs
asmslugs ASM UCSC Slugs sites logs
aso Academic Senate Office www2 logs
astro Astronomy and Astrophysics wcms logs
astro-research Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences wcms logs
astro1 AY1: Introduction to the Cosmos sites logs
athalls Digital Media @UCSC sites logs
audit UCSC Internal Audit and Advisory Service wcms logs
baizhuchen Baizhu Chen sites logs
bas Business & Administrative Services wcms logs
bcrow Ben Crow sites logs
biweeklypay Biweekly Pay Conversion wcms logs
blast Bacterial Locomotion and Signal Transduction wcms logs
blumcenter Blum Center wcms logs
boating UCSC Community Boating Center wcms logs
bowles Bowles at 100: A Celebration of Multi-Artistry sites logs
brianstaufenbiel sites logs
bridgingworlds Bridging Multiple Worlds Alliance wcms logs
brucebridgeman In Memoriam: Bruce Bridgeman sites logs
bwsmith Brian W. Smith sites logs
byrdlab School Climate Lab sites logs
cafin Center for Analytical Finance
  Other address:
wcms logs
calcorenetwork California Collaborative Organic Research and Extension Network: CAL-CORE sites logs
calstar California Science, Technology, and Aerospace Research Institute wcms logs
caps Counseling and Psychological Services wcms logs
carbonslam UC Carbon Slam sites logs
care Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education wcms logs
careers Career Center
  Other address:
wcms logs
casfs Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems wcms logs
catering University Catering wcms logs
ccwp Central California Writing Project www2 logs
ceclab Computational & Experimental Cognition Lab sites logs
centread Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development www2 logs
chamorro Chamorro Psycholinguistics na Project sites logs
chancellor Chancellor Blumenthal wcms logs
chancellor-www2 Chancellor secondary site www2 logs
chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry wcms logs
ches Colleges, Housing and Educational Services
  Other address:
wcms logs
childcare Early Education Services wcms logs
childdevlab Child Development Lab www2 logs
chuckcarlise Dr. Chuck Carlise sites logs
cied Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development wcms logs
cjs Center for Jewish Studies sites logs
cjtc Center for Justice, Tolerance & Community www2 logs
classicalstudies Classical Studies Program
  Other address:
wcms logs
cleanwater Storm Water Management Program wcms logs
climatesurvey Climate Survey www2 logs
clp Curriculum Leave Planning Website wcms logs
clrc Chicano Latino Research Center wcms logs
clrcnuestrashistorias sites logs
coastalsciencecampus Coastal Science Campus wcms logs
codep Center for the Origin, Dynamics and Evolution of Planets wcms logs
cogmodlab UCSC Cognitive Modeling Laboratory sites logs
collegenine College Nine
  Other address:
wcms logs
collegeten College Ten
  Other address:
wcms logs
communitystudies Community Studies wcms logs
conferenceservices Conference Services wcms logs
conflictresolution Campus Conflict Resolution Services
  Other address:
wcms logs
constructiveboundaries Constructive Boundaries sites logs
copycenter Copy Center wcms logs
corgrants UCSC Committee on Research Grants lamp logs
cosmopolitanism Cosmopolitanism in China, 1600-1950 sites logs
cosmos COSMOS wcms logs
cotblog Committee on Teaching Blog sites logs
cowell Cowell College wcms logs
cowellprovost Cowell College Provost sites logs
cpevc Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Galloway
  Other address:
wcms logs
cpevc-media CPEVC (media) www2 logs
cprat Regina Day Langhout, PhD sites logs
creativeecologies sites logs
creativewriting Creative Writing Program wcms logs
crece CRECE sites logs
cres Critical Race & Ethnic Studies wcms logs
critical-sustainabilities Critical Sustainabilities sites logs
criticalvoices Voces Críticas/Critical Voices sites logs
crlp California Reading and Literature Project wcms logs
crown Crown College wcms logs
crown70 Crown 70 - Introduction to Broadcast Media: Radio sites logs
cruzpay UCSC Time and Attendance System www2 logs
cspwm The Center for the Study of Pacific War Memories sites logs
culturas Latino Literary Cultures Project sites logs
cwh Center for World History www2 logs
danielguevara Daniel Guevara sites logs
danmmfa UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts and New Media MFA Exhibition sites logs
davidenko Nicolas Davidenko sites logs
dbgould Deborah Gould sites logs
dea-reg EHS DEA Registration www2 logs
deanofstudents Dean of Students
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
democratizing-the-green-city DEMOCRATIZING THE GREEN CITY sites logs
dickens Dickens Project wcms logs
digitalhumanities Digital Humanities at UCSC sites logs
digitalscholarship Digital Scholarship at UCSC sites logs
diversity Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion wcms logs
dos Dean of Students (apps) www2 logs
drc Disability Resource Center wcms logs
dreams Quantitative Study of Dreams www2 logs
droughtreserves Drought Reserves for Climate Change and Water Supply Security wcms logs
earthlab E.A.R.T.H LAB sites logs
eastasianstudies East Asian Studies wcms logs
ecm Engineering & Construction Management www2 logs
economics Economics Department
  Other address:
wcms logs
education Education Department wcms logs
eeb Ecology & Evolutionary Biology wcms logs
eebdigg Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Group sites logs
egcrichton E.G. Crichton sites logs
ehs Environmental Health and Safety wcms logs
eight College 8 wcms logs
elcentro Chicano Latino Resource Center wcms logs
emergency Emergency Management & Business Continuity
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
emergingworlds The Center for Emerging Worlds wcms logs
emergingworlds2 Emerging Worlds Exhibition www2 logs
emeriti Emeriti Association www2 logs
employeehousing Employee Housing wcms logs
employeehousing-media Employee Housing (media) www2 logs
enrollmentmanagement Enrollment Management www2 logs
envintlab Letourneau's Environmental Interactions Lab sites logs
envs Environmental Studies wcms logs
eop Educational Opportunity Program www2 logs
epc Educational Partnership Center wcms logs
eps Earth & Planetary Sciences wcms logs
ergo Ergonomics Specialist at Environmental Health & Safety www2 logs
ers Effort Reporting System www2 logs
escribir Puño y Letra sites logs
esil Early Social Interaction Lab sites logs
espanolmedico Español médico sites logs
eurekagraduatemusicconference Eureka! Musical Minds of California sites logs
evezyzik Eve C. Zyzik sites logs
extraction EXTRACTION sites logs
feministstudies Feminist Studies wcms logs
ferp UC Santa Cruz Forest Ecology Research Plot sites logs
finaff Financial Affairs www2 logs
financialaid Financial Aid
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
fire Fire Department
  Other address:
wcms logs
fis Financial Information System www2 logs
fischer Eric Fischer sites logs
fixit Housing Maintenance Request www2 logs
fleets Fleet Services wcms logs
forrestrobinson Forrest Robinson, UC Santa Cruz sites logs
foundation UC Santa Cruz Foundation wcms logs
foxtree Spontaneous Communication Laboratory sites logs
gender Gender Development Research Conference wcms logs
generations Generations Project sites logs
geomorphology UCSC Geomorphology sites logs
germanstudies German Studies Program wcms logs
gildas Ur wech e oa, ur wech e vo. Huñvreoù sites logs
giving Giving to UC Santa Cruz
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
graddiv Graduate Division
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
greenhouse UCSC Greenhouses wcms logs
greenwich Conflict Resolution and Exchange of Temporal Data sites logs
greggilbertlab Gregory S. Gilbert Lab sites logs
grocery Grocery Program www2 logs
gssahota G.S. Sahota, Assistant Professor of Literature sites logs
guardednegation Guarded-Negation Logics sites logs
hci HCI@UCSC Open House sites logs
healthcenter Health Center wcms logs
hfukurai Hiroshi Fukurai sites logs
histcon History of Conciousness wcms logs
history History Department wcms logs
holidayfooddrive Holiday Food Drive wcms logs
honors Undergraduate Honors Program wcms logs
housing Student Housing
  Other addresses:
www2 logs
hri Human Robot Interaction @ UCSC www2 logs
hsgray Herman S. Gray sites logs
humanities What Are We Doing When We Do the Humanities? sites logs
hunterbivens Hunter Bivens sites logs
ianmarcus Ian Marcus - UCSC Teaching Postdoc sites logs
ieo International Education Office
  Other address:
wcms logs
ieo-media International Education Office (media) www2 logs
ighert IGHERT: Integrative Graduate Humanities Education & Research Training sites logs
implementingcbi Implementing CBI with a Textbook in Beginner-Level Spanish sites logs
infopractices Information Practices wcms logs
interval Interval www3 logs
intimacies Queer Intimacies Project sites logs
iraps-media IRAPS (media) www2 logs
irishpalatals An Ultrasound Investigation of Irish Palatalization sites logs
isee Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators wcms logs
isidore APM SA Team web locker
  Other addresses:
www2 logs
isn Iranian Student Network - SOAR Group www3 logs
italianstudies Italian Studies wcms logs
its Information Technology Services
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
its2 ITS secondary site
  Other address:
www2 logs
itunes UC Santa Cruz on iTunes U wcms logs
jacksontolins Jackson Tolins Academic Homepage sites logs
jayepadgett Jaye Padgett, UC Santa Cruz sites logs
jereardon Jenny Reardon sites logs
jessicataft Jessica K. Taft sites logs
jewishstudies Jewish Studies at Santa Cruz wcms logs
jfan Jijian Fan sites logs
jonathanellis Jonathan E. Ellis, UC Santa Cruz sites logs
jordanruybal Jordan Ruybal sites logs
jsjenkin Jeffrey Jenkins sites logs
justineasmith Justine A. Smith sites logs
jvjlab The Velasco Group sites logs
kecklab UCSC W.M. Keck Isotope Facility sites logs
keltonmcmahon Dr. Kelton McMahon sites logs
koperalab Michal Kopera sites logs
kresge Kresge College wcms logs
kwdetal Katherine Weatherford Darling sites logs
labor Center for Labor Studies sites logs
lals Latin American and Latino Studies Department wcms logs
language Language Program
  Other address:
wcms logs
leaper Campbell Leaper sites logs
learningbyobservingandpitchingin Learning by Observing and Pitching In sites logs
learningcenter UC Learning Center www2 logs
leelab Lee Lab, MCD Biology, UC Santa Cruz sites logs
lewiswatts Lewis Watts Photography sites logs
lex Office of Campus Counsel
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
limeworks Friends of the Cowell Limeworks wcms logs
linguistics Linguistics
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
literature Literature Department wcms logs
loveartlab Love Art Lab sites logs
lss Learning Support Services wcms logs
lzlin Longzhi Lin, Assistant Professor sites logs
mags Modernist and Avant-Garde Studies (MAGS) www2 logs
marques Marqués sites logs
math Mathematics wcms logs
mathcoach UCSC Math Coach sites logs
mcd Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
mediafiles UCSC Media Files www2 logs
mediterranean UC Mediterranean Studies Multi-Campus Research Program sites logs
merrill Merrill College wcms logs
merrill-media Merrill College (media) www2 logs
mesa Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement Schools Program wcms logs
messaging UCSC Messaging wcms logs
metx Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology
  Other address:
wcms logs
mgreenberg Miriam Greenberg sites logs
mhvoices Mixed Heritage Voices sites logs
microreport MicroReport App sites logs
mlrg Meaningful Learning Research Group www2 logs
mnhc Museum of Natural History Collections www2 logs
mobile UCSC Mobile Portal
  Other address:
lamp logs
mortality Mortality: Facing Death in Ancient Greece sites logs
murraybaumgarten Murray Baumgarten sites logs
nagsheart Nag's Heart www2 logs
news University News & Events
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
nhfq Natural History Field Quarter Class Blog sites logs
nicolepaiement Nicole Paiement, Conductor sites logs
nirg Narrative Identity Research Group sites logs
noc ITS: NOC www2 logs
noncitizenship Non-citizenship sites logs
nonverbal Exploring Nonverbal Communication www2 logs
norlandi Nico Orlandi sites logs
numo The NUMO project sites logs
oakes Oakes College wcms logs
oceansci Ocean Sciences
  Other address:
wcms logs
odyweb Odyssey PCS lamp logs
officeofresearch Office of Research
  Other address:
wcms logs
ombuds Campus Ombuds www2 logs
omf Our Mutual Friend: The Scholarly Pages wcms logs
opers OPERS
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
orientation Campus Orientation Programs wcms logs
owl Other Worlds Laboratory sites logs
pacificrim PACIFIC RIM MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 sites logs
pacrim Pacific Rim Research Program www2 logs
pandanmonium Celebrating 10 Years of the Digital Arts & New Media Program at UCSC - It's pan-DANM-onium! sites logs
papoc-2016 Web site for the PaPoC 2016 workshop www2 logs
paris Pardis Miri sites logs
paulroth Paul A. Roth, Distinguished Professor sites logs
pbsci Division of Physical & Biological Sciences
  Other address:
wcms logs
pcilab sites logs
pcrc Popular Culture Research Cluster www2 logs
people ITS People Server www3 logs
philosophy Philosophy Department wcms logs
physicalplant Physical Plant
  Other address:
wcms logs
physics Physics wcms logs
piao PIAO Interdisciplinary Atmospheric Observatory sites logs
pica Program in Community and Agroecology wcms logs
pjlam Lam Marine Particle Biogeochemistry Lab sites logs
planning-media Planning and Budget (media) www2 logs
poeticsandpolitics Poetics and Politics sites logs
police Police Department wcms logs
policy Policy Coordination wcms logs
politics Politics Department wcms logs
politics-of-sustainability Cultural Politics of Sustainability at UCSC sites logs
porter Porter College
  Other address:
wcms logs
porter-senate Porter College Senate www3 logs
ppc Physical Planning and Construction wcms logs
ppc-media Physical Planning and Construction (media) www2 logs
pps Payroll/Personnel System Office (PPS) www2 logs
ppsreplacement UC System-Wide PPS Replacement Project
  Other address:
wcms logs
precipnet Precipitation and Ecosystem Change www2 logs
printmedia Contemporary Print Media Research Center sites logs
privacy Campus Privacy Guidelines wcms logs
projectwise Project WISE sites logs
psl Probabilistic Soft Logic www2 logs
psychology Psychology Department
  Other address:
wcms logs
publicphilosophy Center for Public Philosophy sites logs
qss Sexuality Studies wcms logs
queer Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center
  Other address:
wcms logs
queerhistory Oakes Queer History Project sites logs
ravirajan S. RAVI RAJAN sites logs
rcovarrubias REBECCA COVARRUBIAS sites logs
readingecologies Reading Group sites logs
rebecca ❀ rebecca sites logs
recovery ITS: file recovery www2 logs
recreation Recreation wcms logs
recycling Refuse and Recycling wcms logs
registrar Office of the Registrar
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
registrar-media Office of the Registrar (media) www2 logs
reo Real Estate Office wcms logs
reporthate Report Hate wcms logs
resourcecenters Student Resource Centers wcms logs
retirees Retirees Association wcms logs
rfp Research and Faculty Partnership sites logs
riadulislam RIADUL ISLAM sites logs
rim Records and Information Management
  Other address:
wcms logs
risk Risk Services wcms logs
robertson Astrophysical Theory and Computation sites logs
sab Staff Advisory Board wcms logs
sab-media Staff Advisory Board (media) www2 logs
safe Sexual Violence Prevention & Response
  Other address:
wcms logs
samanthamatherne Samantha Matherne sites logs
santacruztickets Santa Cruz Tickets
  Other address:
www2 logs
sbs Student Business Services wcms logs
scbsantacruz Society for Conservation Biology: Santa Cruz Chapter sites logs
scdeclaration scdeclaration www2 logs
sci-diving Diving Safety Program www2 logs
scicom Science Communication Program
  Other address:
wcms logs
sciencepostdocs UCSC Science Postdocs sites logs
scijust Science & Justice Research Center sites logs
scoc Student Committee on Committees www3 logs
scpbrg Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group www2 logs
scwibles SCWIBLES sites logs
sdg Staff Diversity Group wcms logs
senate Academic Senate
  Other address:
wcms logs
setlab Social Emotional Technology Lab sites logs
sfig Slug Fund Investment Group sites logs
sfrc Science Fiction Research Cluster www2 logs
shellyerrington Shelly Errington sites logs
shellygrabe Shelly Grabe, Ph.D sites logs
shennanlab The Shennan Lab Group sites logs
shonig Susanna Honig, Ph.D. sites logs
shr Staff Human Resources wcms logs
sikhstudies Sikh and Punjabi Studies wcms logs
sites wordpress for faculty sites logs
slab UCSC S-lab sites logs
slugaquatics Slug Aquatics www2 logs
slurp Sustainable Learning Undergraduate Research Projects sites logs
smithsociety Smith Renaissance Society
  Other address:
wcms logs
smithsociety-media Smith Renaissance Society (media) www2 logs
socialsciences Social Sciences Division
  Other address:
wcms logs
sociology Sociology wcms logs
soft-serve ITS: software server www2 logs
softwarearts Film and Digital Media-softwarearts www2 logs
someca SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity wcms logs
southasia South Asia Studies Initiative wcms logs
specialevents UCSC Events
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
sstella SSTELLA sites logs
stars STARS wcms logs
startups UCSC Summer Entrepreneurship Academy sites logs
static UCSC static shared contents wcms logs
stevenmckay Steven McKay sites logs
stevenson Stevenson College wcms logs
sts Science and Technology Studies www2 logs
studentorgs Student Organizations www3 logs
studentservices Student Services
  Other address:
wcms logs
sua Student Union Assembly wcms logs
suhua Su-hua Wang sites logs
summer Summer Session
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
sump William J. Sump sites logs
surveytracker Survey Tracker www2 logs
sussexdigitalmediaexchange SUSSEX - UCSC Digital Media Exchange sites logs
sustainability Office of Sustainability
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
sustainconf2005 Sustainability Conference 2005 www2 logs
svi Silicon Valley Initiatives
  Other address:
wcms logs
swdepot ITS Definitive Software Library www2 logs
sylvannafalcon sites logs
taps Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) wcms logs
teaching UCSC Committee on Teaching sites logs
teel TEEL Research Group sites logs
theecosexuals Here Come The Ecosexuals sites logs
theplenary The Plenary sites logs
thompsonlab The John N Thompson Lab sites logs
title9-sh Title IX/Sexual Harassment www2 logs
tjdemos T.J. Demos sites logs
tobaccofree Smoke & Tobacco Free wcms logs
uarc University Affiliated Research Center www2 logs
uccsc UC Computing Support Conference www2 logs
ucenter University Center wcms logs
ucmbest UC MBEST Center wcms logs
ucsccares Health Center Counseling Services wcms logs
ucscgeochronology UCSC Geochronology sites logs
urelations University Relations
  Other address:
wcms logs
volunteer Student Volunteer Center wcms logs
vterriquez Veronica Terriquez sites logs
wanglab Wang Laboratory in MCD Biology at UCSC sites logs
wasserman Ben Wasserman sites logs
wcms ITS Web Content Management System wcms logs
wcmshelp Campus WCMS Help wcms logs
webprogram Web presence and services program and WCMS project wcms logs
wellness OPERS Wellness Center wcms logs
whascling WHASC sites logs
whistleblower Whistleblower Policies wcms logs
whorulesamerica Who Rules America? www2 logs
wmartyna Wendy Martyna sites logs
woc Women of Color Research Cluster www2 logs
womenatwork Women at Work Retreat www2 logs
womenscenter Women's Center wcms logs
womensclub Women's Club wcms logs
workingfordignity Working for Dignity sites logs
worldhistory Production and Consumption in World History sites logs
writing Writing Program wcms logs
www UC Santa Cruz
  Other addresses:
wcms logs
www1 UC Santa Cruz secondary site
  Other addresses:
www2 logs
www2 ITS - WWW2 www2 logs
yildizlab Yildiz Lab sites logs
yuanranzhu Yuanran Zhu sites logs
zeej jerry c zee sites logs
zootsuitturgy ZootSuitDramaturgy sites logs
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